Compulsory Vaccination

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

The following article is taken from Vernon Coleman’s book `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying – Here’s the proof’. The book was published in 2011.

`Enthusiasm for vaccination has become almost hysterical in much of the world. Drug companies promote vaccination programmes because they make billions out of vaccines. Doctors are equally enthusiastic because they can charge huge fees for vaccinating their patients. And Governments everywhere are enthusiastic because they have been told (by drug companies and doctors) that vaccination programmes help prevent disease and therefore save money.

But vaccination is, in my considered view, a massive confidence trick.

And there is now much talk in America and Europe of compulsory vaccination programmes being introduced.

Compulsory vaccinations have already been introduced in some areas of the world and in Britain some general practitioners (GPs) are already refusing to look after patients if they don't agree to have their children vaccinated. There is a simple, selfish financial reason for this. If patients refuse vaccination, British family doctors lose out on huge cash bonuses.

I now have no doubt that despite the dangers and inefficiencies known to be associated with it, vaccination will become compulsory in the West. The hazards and inadequacies will be ignored. It will not be the first time. Compulsory vaccination was introduced in Britain in the mid 19th century, and in 1871 Public Vaccinators were appointed.

There are already many senior members of the medical establishment in Europe and America who want vaccination to be compulsory. You will not be convulsed with shock when I tell you that drug companies which make vaccines would not be averse to their products being made compulsory. I understand that. I would like my books to be made compulsory reading.

Politicians have been persuaded that vaccinating the population at large helps save money. The theory is that if you vaccinate 1,000,000 children against, say, whooping cough (aka pertussis) and, as a result, you prevent 1,000 children getting the disease then the country will avoid the cost of 1,000 parents staying at home for a week or so to look after their child. If one child is permanently brain damaged by the vaccine that is bad luck on the child and his or her parents but, as long as the State can avoid financial responsibility by denying that there is any link between vaccination and brain damage, then it is ahead of the game. In reality, the evidence suggests that even this cold-blooded, steel-hearted philosophy is faulty. The problem is that vaccines are so ineffective and (more important) so dangerous that instead of being an advantage to society as a whole they are a costly disadvantage – though the greater part of those costs tend to be transferred from the State to individual families. (In the heat of their enthusiasms for vaccination your GP and health visitor might have forgotten to tell you all this.)

Despite all this evidence, vaccines for children and adults are compulsory in some countries. In other countries (such as the UK) doctors are given a financial bonus as a reward when they `sell' vaccination to a large proportion of their patients. Doctors write to patients to encourage them to take their children to the surgery for vaccinations not because they've looked at the evidence and know that a vaccine save lives but because they get paid huge fees for giving vaccinations (or telling their nurse to do them) and massive bonuses if they hit the targets they've been given by the Government. Health visitors and nurses bully patients into accepting vaccinations because that's what they are told to do. If they were told to herd everyone into gas chambers they'd do that too. The world is getting scarier by the minute. Fear upon fear upon threat. Nurses and doctors do what they are told and patients suppress their natural scepticism, stand in line, bare their arms and take what is coming to them.

As more and more people become wary about vaccines so it is likely that more and more countries will make vaccination compulsory. This will happen quickly.

In an increasing number of countries, parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated are likely to be arrested and to have their children taken away from them. In other countries (such as the UK) doctors are given a financial bonus as a reward when they `sell' vaccinations to a large enough proportion of their patients.

In Britain, recommendations relating to vaccines are made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation which is made up of a variety of people. I would be very surprised if, at any one time, the committee did not include one or more members who were or are linked in some way to drug companies making vaccines. I have been researching vaccination and drug hazards for over 40 years and I have not yet found an official committee on drug use and safety which did not include individuals with drug company links. (I have on occasions in the past found committees which were composed pretty well entirely of individuals who had financial links with drug companies.)

Incidentally, in July 2011 it was announced that the JCVI had `agreed with a call from the UK Vaccine Industry Group to allow manufacturers to submit evidence for effectiveness and cost earlier in the process'. I wonder who will be first to suggest that the two groups merge to save administration costs.

Up until 2009, the JCVI made what it called `recommendations'. But then the Labour Government created a Statutory Instrument amending the Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984, and so now recommendations of the JCVI will in future receive the full support of the Secretary of State for Health. They will, effectively, become law.

Will the JCVI make vaccination compulsory? Well, I suspect that the better question would probably be: `When will the JCVI make vaccination compulsory?' As more and more people become wary about vaccines so it is likely that more and more countries will make vaccination compulsory.

The Government will try to reduce the size (and cost of the NHS) because they have to save so much money to avoid national bankruptcy that not even the NHS will be immune to cuts. But the cuts won't be enough. And so, the Government's advisers will suggest that it might help to cut costs if the nation became healthier. And that will, of course, mean more laws. It will mean compulsory all sorts of things. It may mean that people who are overweight and who refuse to lose weight may be fined or punished in some other way (possibly by being denied treatment or benefits). But my best bet is that the Government will introduce a compulsory vaccination programme. The drug companies and the doctors (both of whom will make vast amounts of money out of a compulsory vaccination programme) will recommend that all children be vaccinated whether or not their parents approve. This is already happening in some parts of the world and it isn't difficult to find doctors who are eager to promote compulsory vaccination programmes and who threaten to withhold all medical care from unvaccinated patients. Those parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated will have them taken away from them. As Dr Ron Paul, American Presidential Candidate, has pointed out: `When we give Government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the State owns our bodies.'

Britain isn't the only country in Europe which is heading for compulsory vaccination. The French, for example, have also started talking about mass vaccination programmes and I have absolutely no doubt that compulsory vaccination is EU policy. And since the EU always gets what it wants, compulsory vaccination will come to be.

One local authority in England has already created secret vaccination centres, stating that it is doing so under `special powers granted to HM Government under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004'. And another NHS Trust has recently sent out letters inviting people to attend for vaccination. The letter states: `It is important that you attend this session. If you are unable to attend, you will need to go to one of the later sessions listed overleaf.'

That sounds to me very much as though the NHS Trust already regards vaccination as compulsory. And a good many doctors would heartily approve. Senior doctors recently suggested not only that vaccination should be compulsory but that children who were not vaccinated should not be allowed into school. Social workers would doubtless be quick (and eager) to take children away from parents who opposed vaccination. I recently received a letter from a British reader telling me that she had been told by her GP that if she wouldn't accept the swine flu vaccination she would never again be allowed to have any prescription drugs. And yet doctors and nurses aren't always quite so keen about being vaccinated themselves. A group of nurses in Washington, USA fought a mandatory vaccine programme. Around 16,000 registered nurses filed a federal lawsuit seeking an injunction to stop the programme designed to force nurses to accept vaccination against flu or to face losing their jobs. Now, why would so many nurses refuse a vaccine?

Why will vaccination become compulsory?


As I showed earlier, politicians have been persuaded (by entirely spurious and Statist arguments) that vaccinating the population at large helps save money and benefits the many at the expense of the few.

Drug companies tighten the screw on politicians by threatening to move their industry abroad, to some more congenial environment, if their suggestions are not heeded. And, of course, they hire strong, efficient lobbyists to promote their cause and to ensure that journalists are kept `on message' and that inconvenient truths are ignored.

In my view, the drug industry is made up of nasty companies run by nasty, ruthless people who care nothing whatsoever for people but who care a great deal for money. In many previous books of mine I have exposed the nasty behaviour of the drug industry which likes to describe itself as `ethical' but which is, I believe, rather more contemptible than the Columbian drug barons who sell cocaine but who do not exhibit such nauseating quantities of hypocrisy.

Having considered the available evidence I have come to the conclusion that parents who unquestioningly trust the Government and their doctor to tell them when to have their child vaccinated (and what with) are reckless beyond forgiveness and unfit to care for a child. They would deserve to have their child taken from them if this would not mean putting their child into the hands of the Government and a bunch of drug company indoctrinated doctors.

And any doctor or nurse who vaccinates a child should be locked up as a child abuser.

It seems to me that every day that goes by we get closer to a position where vaccination programmes will be compulsory. We will all be forced, by law, to accept vaccinations whether we want them or not.

. Taken from Vernon Coleman’s book `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof.’

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