Compulsory Vaccination

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Enthusiasm for vaccination has become almost hysterical. Drug companies promote vaccination programmes because they make billions out of selling vaccines. Doctors are equally enthusiastic because they receive huge fees for vaccinating their patients. (Oddly enough, however, whenever I have asked doctors if they themselves have vaccinations they invariably look embarrassed and admit that they don’t.) Health visitors and nurses bully patients into accepting vaccinations because that is what they are told to do. And Governments are enthusiastic because they have been told (by drug companies and doctors) that vaccination saves money by sacrificing the health (and lives) of some for the good of the many. Governments are always terrified of the lawsuits which will result if they ever admit that vaccines might not work and might be dangerous. I would be surprised if the Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation did not, at any one time, include members who are linked in some way or other to drug companies making vaccines. In 2009, the British Labour Government effectively gave the Committee the power to write the law as far as vaccines are concerned.

Few, if any, of these enthusiasts have studied the dangers and shortcomings of vaccination.

As a result, there is now much talk of making vaccination compulsory.

Compulsory vaccination programmes have already been introduced in some areas of the world, and some general practitioners are refusing to look after patients if they won’t have their children vaccinated. (There is, of course, a simple selfish reason for this. If patients refuse vaccination, family doctors lose out on huge cash bonuses.)

If and when compulsory vaccination is introduced in Britain it won’t be the first time. Compulsory vaccination was introduced in Britain in the mid 19th century and in 1871 public vaccinators were appointed. And compulsory vaccination programmes are common in some countries. In parts of the USA, for example, police can break in and give you a flu shot or put you in jail if you refuse. In some parts of Europe, vaccination is compulsory and enthusiasm for vaccination is so complete that there is no longer any debate about the pros and cons of vaccines. In some parts of Europe, my book on vaccination is, I am told, the only published material available which questions the safety and effectiveness of vaccination.

One local authority in England has already created special vaccination centres, claiming that it is doing so under special powers granted under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. And an NHS Trust has sent out letters ‘inviting’ people to attend for vaccination and stating: ‘It is important that you attend this session. If you are unable to attend, you will need to go to one of the later sessions listed overleaf.’ And some doctors have claimed that children who aren’t vaccinated should not be allowed to attend school. One GP told a reader of mine that if she wouldn’t accept the swine flu vaccination then she would never again be allowed to have any prescription drugs.

The scientific evidence does not support any of this.

The scientific evidence shows quite clearly that vaccines are neither safe nor effective and, indeed, that they do far more harm than good.

How many of those campaigning for compulsory vaccination know that thousands of children have been killed or brain damaged by vaccines? How many know that thousands develop serious health problems after being given the influenza jab?

If those who merrily campaign for compulsory vaccination had seen the evidence and knew the medical facts they would surely be campaigning to have vaccination banned.

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