Comrade Susan Mitchie, the WHO and a World I no longer understand

Dr Vernon Coleman

Comrade Susan Mitchie, who is a long-standing member of the communist party and a psychologist, has apparently been made chairman of the World Health Organisationís Technical Advisory Group for Behavioural Insights and Science for Health. Phew. Think of the ink thatíll be wasted printing out the letter head for that one.

Comrade Mitchie, who has no more medical qualifications than your nearest squirrel (at least, not the sort of qualifications that entitle you to remove an appendix, prescribe a morphine injection and ask a complete stranger to pop behind the screen and slip their things off), is on record as arguing that testing, border controls, social distancing and face masks should be kept going forever.

I confess I donít see why being a psychologist, however eminent, qualifies her to offer an opinion on face masks, which have been shown to do more harm than good and to cause a horrifying range of disorders, though admittedly face masks are regarded as useful as instruments of power, control and fear and were, I believe, popular with the CIA.

Comrade Mitchie called for stricter lockdowns and as far as I know has not yet apologised, despite the fact that it is now clear, as it was always going to be, that the lockdowns were responsible for more deaths than the rebranded flu (aka covid-19) which they were supposed to control. (Her CV, by the way, is entertaining reading. It goes on forever. )

What the devil was the purpose of permanent social distancing, permanent masking and tougher lockdowns?

Would Comrade Mitchie like to debate these things with me, live on the BBC? Iím sure the BBC would welcome us both into one of their studios. Meanwhile, while we wait for hell to freeze over, would anyone like to explain why sheís been given a posh sounding job with the WHO?

Giving Comrade Mitchie yet more power seems to me to be as insane as making a former GSK executive the nationís Chief Scientific Advisor.

Oh, sorry, they did that. A former drug company executive, Sir Patrick Vallance, was appointed the Governmentís chief scientific advisor.

Or as daft as making someone with previous employment links to Bill Gates the job as nationís Chief Medical Officer

Oh, sorry, whoops they did that too.

Sir Chris Whitty, the lockdown and jab enthusiast, was lucky enough to have his research work funded with a grant for $40 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

What next?

Will Devi Sridhar, beloved of the BBC which, a long time ago, (before it became a Propaganda Unit) used to be a broadcasting giant, and The Guardian (which used to have pretty jolly misprints but now has nothing to commend it), be appointed Minister of Vaccines?

I wouldnít be surprised, despite the fact that she appears to me to know as much about vaccines as I know about deep sea diving.

Ms Sridhar, you may remember, appeared on the BBC and insisted that the covid jabs were 100% safe for children. I havenít seen an apology or withdrawal from Ms Sridhar. A good few children and a good few parents might disagree with her statement.

(Actually, no, forget my comment about deep sea diving. I know stuff about deep sea diving. I know divers get the bends if they come up too fast.)

And, it seems, none of these people will ever, ever debate their views, their actions or their plans for the future - certainly not with me.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

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