Lies, Deceits and Consequences

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The world is changing faster than I ever dreamt imaginable, and every day the changes and the discoveries and the threats are of huge proportions. Governments and the main stream media produce lies with startling ease, and like magicians they distract us by fiddling around with their left hand so that you don’t see what they are doing with the right hand. They keep us bewildered and confused and it is impossible to believe that the disastrous changes and the damage being done could be anything other than deliberate.

The biggest, most outrageous lie is of course the seemingly permanent suggestion that the coronavirus is an unprecedented threat to our health.

Recently, the BBC website’s main headline screamed the news that the global number of people infected with the coronavirus had reached ten million.

This, we were presumably supposed to believe, meant that the coronavirus was a major threat to our health, our world, our future, our everything.

But what I didn’t see the BBC tell us, and the mainstream media never tells us, is that according to the World Health Organisation the number of people who caught the flu last year was one billion.

And one billion is exactly 100 times as much as ten million.

The significance of this, of course, is that the death rate from Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus which has destroyed the world as we used to know it, is pretty much the same as the death rate from the flu.

Back in March of this year Dr Anthony Fauci, who is a lead member of Donald Trump’s White House Coronavirus Team, wrote: `the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza’.

Numerous other doctors have confirmed that the death rate with both diseases is much the same – 0.1%.

And, of course, the statistics show that the vast majority of the people who die of both diseases are over 80-years-old and have a number of serious underlying diseases.

So, it is absolutely clear to anyone capable of rational thinking that the current coronavirus outbreak is approximately one hundredth as serious as last year’s flu outbreak. Remember that the total number of coronavirus deaths is widely believed to have been manipulated.

Why didn’t governments close down hospitals and the economy last year when the risk to us all was one hundred times bigger than it is this year? The answer, of course, is that it is convenient to do so this year. It fits the plan.

And from that we must conclude, yet again, that there is dirty work afoot. What is happening is very, very sinister.

I know I have said this before but I think it is wise, occasionally, to remind ourselves that everything that comes out of an official spokesman’s mouth is part of a massive deception.

And just about everything published in the mass media is a lie.

Distrust the Government, Avoid Mass Media, Fight the Lies.

Some of the lies being told are now becoming a little grey and wrinkled.

For example, those who do not believe in the lockdowns are accused of putting the economy before lives.

This is a pathetic lie but it is repeated endlessly by the half-witted and those without any wits at all.

The fact is, of course, that the lockdowns will result in vastly more deaths than the coronavirus. As soon as hospitals were shut down so that they could cope with the alleged flood of people allegedly dying from the coronavirus it was obvious that the number of deaths caused by the Government’s `treatment’ was going to be vastly greater than the number dying from Covid-19.

And so it has proved.

Millions are going to die because of the way governments have reacted to a minor threat.

Moreover, as I warned months ago, the lockdowns have massively reduced our immunity to all other diseases.

We were told the other day that 500,000 people were breaking social distancing rules by crowding together on the beaches. Matt Hancock, the UK’s health minister and perpetual nanny, threatened to close the beaches and some police officers were reported to be threatening arrests.

All this is very confusing because no one seems to me to know whether social distancing rules are rules, requirements, suggestions, advice or laws. And does Hancock have the power to close beaches all around the country? Are there enough policemen? Is he going to arrest the next 500,000 people who totter onto the beaches on a warm day?

Anyway, it is all a load of nonsense because the photos which showed people crammed onto beaches seem to me to have been taken using telephoto lenses – which make people look much closer together than they really are. If you look at the overhead photographs it seems to me that social distancing rules were being well observed. And even if they weren’t observing social distancing rules, who the hell cares? They were topping up their vitamin D levels after months of unhealthy lockdowns.

Bournemouth apparently decided that it was a state of emergency because people were flooding to their beaches. I thought that was what seaside towns rather liked. And I don’t remember anyone talking about emergency powers when demonstrators caused mayhem in London and started tearing down statues and damaging public property elsewhere. Mind you it was Bournemouth which wanted to take down a statue of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the inventor of the boy scouts and a man who doubtless did more for the world than any current citizen of Bournemouth and whose only possible sin was wearing silly looking shorts. Critics of Baden Powell claimed that he was a Nazi sympathiser and had based the boy scouts on Hitler Youth. The snag is that Baden Powell founded the boy scouts in 1907 when Hitler was a boy and adopted the swastika on an early scouting badge nine years before the Nazis used it. Critics don’t worry much about history these days.

Some of the papers showed pictures of lots of rubbish left on the beaches. That looked pretty posed to me. I wouldn’t put it past our leaders to have deliberately tipped a pile of rubbish on a small stretch of beach just to make us all feel ashamed of ourselves for daring to go out and have a little fun. I visited a number of beaches to check and none of them had any rubbish left behind. The people running the world today are evil and manipulative and there are no rules and no boundaries. Would you believe they wouldn’t do that – after everything else they have done? It would be easy to organise.

It just seems that we aren’t allowed to enjoy ourselves at all. The new rules about pubs will make going for a pint about as much fun as taking a driving test. No more darts, bar billiards or pool. No quiz nights, no dancing, no singing, no standing at the bar, no loud music, no laughing, no jokes, no live music. Drinks must be ordered by the aid of a special App and everyone attending must give their name, address and all contact details to the gestapo agent at the door. Publicans will have to put up with far less income and will have to hire three special employees to do work for the State. There will be one to stand at the door collecting names and phone numbers and addresses. There will be one to stand on guard at the loos, and to clean them between customers. And there will be one to make sure that everyone is sitting quietly and neatly at their designated table and not moving about or making too much noise. I jest not, this is the new world order they want us to accept. It is part of the process of extinguishing all fun and pushing us all towards depression and suicide and an ever growing sense of fear. They know, because the psychologists have told them this, that when we are depressed and fearful we will be more obedient. Have you ever watched the animals in a zoo? After a while they become stuck in their routines. They lose their personality and their sense of adventure. They become like robots pretending to be animals.

And the rules about getting married were devised by someone who got the word `wedding’ mixed up with the word `funeral’.

We are being told that councils all over the country are going broke because of the coronavirus. It has, it seems, in some way caused them huge financial losses.


Does anyone expect us to believe that?

In what way has the coronavirus damaged their income?

It didn’t help, of course, that the malevolent idiots running the councils closed all the car parks to stop people going for a walk in the park or on a beach. But they’ve been making tons of money from parking fines to make up for that.

Services have been reduced not enhanced.

So precisely how has the coronavirus reduced their income?

Is it possible that the councils were already going broke – largely because of the huge salaries and pensions they pay themselves?

And is it possible that they are just using the coronavirus as a handy excuse to cover up their own greed and incompetence? Is that remotely possible? I have long felt that councils are run by people with a collective IQ lower than their average shoe size and nothing that has happened recently has dissuaded me from that notion.

Whatever the truth, they will doubtless use the coronavirus as an excuse to increase their charges and reduce their services.

Here’s another lie which has been going the rounds.

It has been said that anyone who questions the Government’s rules about the coronavirus is a psychopath. And it’s being said that this is based on research. One headline I saw was `Psychopathic traits linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines’.

Well I looked at the original lengthy paper upon which this smear campaign was based and here is what the author actually concluded:

`The results do not (and these words were underlined) mean that it is mostly irresponsible and inconsiderate people who spread viruses. The results do not (and again these words were underlined) mean that people who contract a disease like Covid-19 have maladaptive traits.’

So, that was more fake news.

Everywhere we look there are lies.

And the lies are all coming from governments and their agents.

Why would they want to lie so much, to terrify people unnecessarily, unless they were planning to take over society, oppress us and remove the last vestiges of our freedom? There are bad things happening here. All of them have been planned for a long time. And those of who can see what is happening must unravel the lies and identify the people behind them (and it isn’t just Bill Gates though if I were making a list of the world’s most evil people he would be very high on my list).

The apocalypse to fear is nothing to do with Covid-19.

It’s the plan that preceded Covid-19 that we need to worry about.

Was the coronavirus deliberately engineered and released to trigger all this?

Or was it just a serendipitous occurrence – the rather modest event that the evil deep state dwellers had been waiting for and could use as an excuse. Almost every year there is a nasty new bug around. It was to be expected that there would be one this year as usual.

I don’t know the answer and at the moment I don’t think it matters.

We have more urgent things to worry about.

The purpose of the coronavirus crime is now clear: it’s a takeover of our world and our lives and the destruction of our freedom, our rights and our culture.

If we don’t continue to spread the truth far and wide, and persuade the mass of people to understand what is happening, and that our governments and the mass media are lying about everything, then the future is bleak. Indeed, I don’t think it is any exaggeration to say there is no future.

But the bastards haven’t won.

And we’re not going to let them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 30th 2020

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