Continued Membership of the EU Will Lead to Rioting and Civil War

by Vernon Coleman

Twenty years ago, it was crystal clear that the European Union fascist policies and fervent opposition to democracy would lead to an explosion of patriotism, nationalism and racism. I made such definitive predictions in my early books about the EU. And this is exactly what is happening now. All over Europe, nationalist parties are thriving as citizens protest at the EUís absurd and illogical policies and determined and authoritarian attempts to turn a variety of nations into a single superstate. The EUís ill-thought-out immigration policies have led, quite predictably, to overcrowding, failing infrastructure, anger, resentment and, tragically, growing racism. Many of those who support unlimited immigration and who talk glibly and unknowingly of the benefits of multiculturalism (a phenomenon which is, in reality, so rare as to be unknown) will, perhaps, one day rue their innocence and ignorance. I suspect that women and gays, in particular, may one day find that tolerance sometimes means giving in to someone elseís prejudice and discrimination.

It is not surprising that the vast majority of the EUís supporters are the young people who have been indoctrinated by the EUís propaganda programmes in schools and colleges and who, because they have lived their lives in the shadow of the EU, do not realise just how much better life was before the EU came along. The EUís other supporters are people who make a profit from its pay outs and fat salaries and those who are cowed and falsely fearful of the consequences of Britain regaining its independence. I suspect that many celebrities support the EU because they want to continue working for the BBC Ė itself a fully paid-up supporter of the EU Ė and because they are desperate to be recognised in the honours lists.

It is also worth remembering that one of the biggest supporters of the EU is Goldman Sachs. This is the bank which is widely reputed to be responsible for the economic mess in Greece which has destroyed so many lives. And it is the bank which, among many other things, employed a man who allegedly hired prostitutes in Dubai in order to satisfy the organisationís endless greed. How proud Cameron and Osborne must be to have Goldman Sachs on their side Ė and helping to fund the pro EU campaign for its own narrow, greed soaked purposes.

The EU: founded by Hitler, supported by Goldman Sachs.

The EUís supporters dismiss nationalism as a disease which must be stamped out because it is inconvenient and because the very existence of individual nations is contrary to the basic premise of the European Union. No eurocrat has ever explained just why nationalism, patriotism and passion are qualities to be scorned but we all know that the United States of Europe (Hitlerís words and Hitlerís concept) is their aim, and there is no room for individuality or freedom in the plan. It has always been the intention that England would disappear entirely Ė broken into a number of administrative regions. Britain, too, will go. These are inevitabilities.

If Britain votes to remain a member of the failing EU, the future on our island will be a bleak one.

The EU is the most truly fascist organisation ever devised. Supporters, such as Cameron and Osborne, have been utterly ruthless, devious and dishonest and have done irreparable damage to political life in Britain. I doubt if politicians will ever be trusted again. The pro EU campaigners have dragged politics into disrepute from which it will never recover.

Citizens choose to believe the lies told by EU advocates because some of the lies are sugar coated and easier to swallow than the truth, and because the rest are designed to create shudders of fear in our youthful population which boasts it has 'no fear' but which has never known courage.

Moreover, over the last few days, I have been appalled and disgusted at the way some EU supporters have exploited the death of Jo Cox MP to try to bolster their hollow, passionless campaign. Even before the man accused of her murder was interviewed and charged, it was being widely alleged by EU supporters that he had right wing links and was opposed to the EU. Just how, I wonder, were they all so certain? Once again, it is the EUís supporters and advocates who have shown themselves to be ruthless and tasteless. How on the earth the accused man can possibly get a fair trial now is quite beyond me. He seems to me to have been investigated, tried and convicted by the pro EU fanatics who, I regret to say, have perhaps found his actions enormously convenient and, maybe, a route to an unexpected victory.

Over a week ago, I wrote on this website that if anything awful happened in the last week of campaigning then we could be pretty sure that the pro EU campaigners were responsible. (It was my ever perceptive wife who realised the inevitability that some horror would come to the aid of a failing pro EU campaign.)

This is what I wrote: ĎIt would not surprise me if something terrible happened in the days before the vote. Cameron knows that a crisis of any kind would encourage more people to vote for the status quo.í

I wonder how many people remember that Hitler (the founding father of the modern European Union) and the Nazi party are believed by many to have been responsible for the fire which destroyed the Reichstag and which enabled their party to gain more power and eliminate the political opposition from the communist party? The man who was accused of setting the fire was a communist but most historians now believe that the Nazis organised the blaze in order to discredit the opposition. Such false flag operations have been used on many occasions in recent decades. Spin and deceit are everyday tools of modern politicians. Is it conceivable that the murderer of Jo Cox was deliberately wound up and used as the weapon to create a situation which would discredit the anti-EU campaign and save the EU from certain destruction? Doubters should remember that in 2003, Anna Lindh, a 46-year-old Swedish Minister and mother of two, was stabbed and killed days before a vote on whether Sweden should join the euro. After her death, campaigning was halted - just as it was after Jo Cox's murder.

If Britain fails to leave the European Union, then millions of proud, hard-working taxpayers will leave Britain, knowing in their hearts and in their heads that the destruction of our culture will continue apace, that our history will soon be forgotten and that our infrastructure will crumble. It will be the poor and the unskilled and poorly educated, those who cannot afford to emigrate, who will suffer most.

June 23rd is the most important day in modern British history. It is the day on which our future will be decided. The British people will either choose to defend their heritage, their hopes, their ambitions and their freedom or they will choose, voluntarily, to enslave themselves to an organisation which was devised by Hitler and the Nazi party as a way of protecting Germanís interests in the aftermath of a war they knew they were losing.

The idea that Britain will fail without the EU bureaucrats to tell us what to do would be sad and pitiful if it were not so outrageous. As The Economist magazine said some time ago: ĎThe idea that leaving (the EU) would be Ďeconomic suicideí is nonsenseí. The simple fact is that we import far more from the EU than we export. Does anyone really believe that if we leave, and take back our independence, Germany is going to refuse to sell us German motor cars? Does anyone seriously believe that the EU will refuse to allow us to trade with EU countries? Does anyone seriously believe that travel between our island and the rest of Europe will be halted or impeded any more than it is at present?

Those who care about their future, and the future of their children, and the future of their country, and who care about freedom and privacy and the things that so many died for during the Second World War will choose to vote to leave the European Union.

Let us pray that it is so.

If Britain fails to leave the EU (and I have long suspected that if we look like winning then the vote will be rigged so that we lose and the EU is protected from embarrassment and ruin) then Britain will be sliding irreversibly down a slippery slope towards rioting and civil war, oppression and intolerance. And the caring, the thoughtful, the passionate and the compassionate will find the new world unbearable.

The future will be bleak indeed.

And for many, particularly those with young children, it will be time to leave the country they love.

If you want to see what Britain's future will be like if Britain is doomed to remain a prisoner of the eurocrats, read my book Revolt. It's a true story that just hasn't happened yet.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 18th 2016