What to do if Someone Wants to Photocopy Your Passport

Vernon Coleman

Try not to let anyone photocopy your passport or driving licence. If asked say that these documents are not available. Offer something else. Every time you give a copy of your passport (or any other significant personal document) to anyone, you are endangering the security of your own identity and you are putting the nation's security at risk. Any institution or organisation which asks you to post a photocopy of your passport is deliberately and recklessly endangering the nation and putting us all at risk. (This is what I tell anyone who asks me to post a copy of my passport.)

Remember that banks, lawyers and others may need to look at paperwork proving that you are you but they do not have a right to make copies of documents. They can look, but they don't have the right to touch.

If you find yourself in a situation where you really do have to hand over a copy of your passport then I suggest that you insist on faxing it or handing over the copy in person.

Most banks and other large organisations will have an office or branch somewhere near to you. And before you hand over the copy of your passport insist that a named employee sign a short document (which you can prepare beforehand) accepting receipt of the document and taking responsibility for its care or destruction.

Oh, and one other thing: write across the copy of your document the date and the name of the institution receiving it. That should make it difficult for anyone else to use the same copy.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2011

Taken from How To Protect And Preserve Your Freedom, Identity And Privacy by Vernon Coleman