Coronavirus: Is Boris Taking Advantage of the False Coronavirus Crisis to Steal Our Democracy?

Vernon Coleman

We no longer live in a democracy. We live in a police state.

Hereís the evidence from my new book Coming Apocalypse:

On March 19th the UKís public health bodies and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the new coronavirus infection should no longer be classified as a `high consequence infectious diseaseí. The coronavirus was downgraded to common or garden status.

On March 26th (after the bug had been downgraded), the UK Government published a 358 page Emergency Bill giving itself massive powers. That Bill took away our freedom and turned Britain into a police state. And we were shut in our homes under house arrest.

Will we ever get our democracy back?

We have to demand that Boris Johnson explains exactly why he is keeping us in lockdown. What evidence does he have proving that the lockdown will help? Itís our country and we are not at war. There is no need for secrecy. We are entitled to know what evidence Boris is using. Is he still relying on Ferguson?

The lockdown has reduced the incidence of the infection in the country. But that just makes us all more vulnerable. Having little herd immunity means that there will almost certainly be a second wave epidemic in the autumn. Flu bugs always kill more when the weather gets bad. And so there will be more panic and even stricter lockdowns.

Is that what Boris wants?

In situations like this it is vital to see who benefits.

We have to follow the money.

And you already know where that trail leads.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 8th May 2020

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