Coronavirus Ė What Arenít They Telling Us?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

As the coronavirus scare continues, the public are being advised to use hand sterilising wipes or fluid and to avoid touching their eyes. Masks arenít likely to be much help unless you intend to rob a bank in which case they are clearly of some slight value. I am delighted that someone in the Government has a little sense since these are the obvious measures which help prevent all such infections.

GPs have told patients who think they might have the coronavirus to keep away from the surgery and should telephone 111. Unfortunately, the advice from 111 appears to be to trot along to the local hospital and wait there.

Maybe the authorities arenít handling this quite as well as they should have done.

And if the Government had been really worried it would, of course, have made far more sense to stop all flights between China and the UK.

Still, that would have been bad for business.

Oddly, no one in a suit seems to have noticed that the virus can be transmitted by touch as well as through the air. This means that, in theory at least, it can be passed on through currency and clothing. And, of course, much of the worldís cheap clothing (and vast quantities of underwear) comes from China. However, imports havenít been stopped.

Meanwhile, there is much concern that the Chinese might be suppressing facts about the coronavirus. My own experience with the Chinese makes me worry. A few years ago I wrote a column for a large Chinese newspaper. One week I wrote a piece about vaccination. The result was to ban the column and fire me. Fair enough. But within days, my Chinese book publishers (who had been very successful with a number of my medical books) wrote to tell me that they would no longer be dealing with me. The books they had would no longer be sold and they would not consider any new books. I subsequently wrote to several other Chinese publishers. None of them would have anything to do with my books Ė even though the previous publisher must have made quite a lot of money out of them. I was told that within days the Chinese Government had introduced a widespread ban on ALL medical books by foreign authors.

Imagine how the Chinese might act to suppress news about a potentially serious epidemic which would have an effect on their reputation and economy.

As it is I confess I am puzzled by the fuss being made about a type of virus which appears to be no more than a variation on something which has been around for half a century. The fuss is causing panic anywhere and the worldís stock markets are in free fall as 7-year-old analysts get terribly excited and take advantage of the coronavirus to suggest that investors sell equities. The American stock market has been overvalued for ages and there are many uncertainties in the world so brokers seem keen to use the coronarvirus as an excuse to sell. I donít believe for a second that the fall in share prices is due to a virus that does not yet have a place in the Chamber of Horrors.

Holidaymakers are cancelling trips and shoppers are panic buying. Soap has never been as popular.

Doctors working in the NHS say that the elderly will be sacrificed so that millennials can live. (So glad Iíve paid several million quid in tax over the years.)

So, what the devil is going on?

The figures that have been released really do not suggest that this is going to be a new version of the Spanish flu which affected a third of the worldís population and killed at least 20 million in 1918.

But despite the evidence, broadcast and print media seem determined to turn the coronavirus story into a source of mass panic. Around 600,000 people a year die from the common or garden variety of flu and the coronavirus is at the moment a much, much smaller threat. Besides, viruses usually become attenuated as they spread.

Is there a hidden agenda here?

Maybe the plan is to use the coronavirus as an excuse to put a stop to unnecessary travel (i.e. any travel not being undertaken by politicians, celebrities, members of the royal family or enthusiastic supporters of climate change mythology)? This would enable the authorities to cut down the use of oil, a disappearing commodity, and, therefore, save the stuff so that Greta Thunberg and Prince Charles can continue travelling around the world telling the rest of us to stay at home.

Or maybe the aim is to soften us up and prepare us for compulsory vaccination. There will be a vaccine against the coronavirus within a few months and if the scare is big enough, the authorities will be able to introduce laws forcing us all to be vaccinated. And once one vaccine becomes compulsory then the same will happen with other vaccines.

Am I being paranoid?

No. I donít think so.

What the hell else do the Bilderbergers sit around planning? Copyright Vernon Coleman February 28th 2020

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