Coronavirus 2nd April 2020

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. According to figures collected by the European Monitoring of Excess Mortality for Public Health Action and reported in The Grauniad aka The Guardian, officially recorded figures for Europe show that there have been fewer deaths in 2020 than there were in 2019, 2018 and 2017. Indeed, the death rates for this year are so far substantially lower than they were in any of the last three years. So, either we should have all been locked in our homes in 2019, 2018 and 2017 or else the current hysteria is the biggest piece of social manipulation in modern history and maybe the 198,892,289,1034 people who have so far libelled and traduced me on the internet might like to withdraw their comments and do a little polite grovelling. Indeed, maybe the rabid few with a private penchant for libel who are forever eager to show their support for fascism by giving birth to rancid potpourris of bunkum might like to start dealing in facts and truth, just for a change. Or maybe that would be too much of an effort since they are doubtless mentally drained if they manage to press the thumb down button on a YouTube thingy. Maybe those cumpuffled cockalorums who believe the Government always knows best will now remove their abuse. Or maybe not. I hate the bloody internet. A stinking horde of cryptorchid demireps have turned it into the most evil weapon in the history of mankind, a loudhailer for the cerebrally challenged, and it has done more harm to our way of life than any other `thing’ I can think of including the atom bomb and the ready-made bowtie. (You may think I am feeling a little frayed, depressed and grumpy today. You would be absolutely right.)

2. The UK Government wants to manage the incidence of the coronavirus flu so that hospitals can cope with the millions who will need help. And so they want to keep everyone indoors. It’s a sort of reverse of the usual vaccination policy. (You vaccinate loads of people and that provides herd immunity which reduces the cost of individual illnesses. Vaccination programmes are all about the money.) In the case of the coronavirus the idea is that by keeping people indoors you slow the spread. Of course, it does mean that when you eventually let people out of their homes they will have no immunity and so, if the Government’s theory works, there will be a big spike of cases in the summer and autumn. (This would, of course, be exactly the same with any virus infection treated in this way.) Then the Government will have a damned good excuse to keep its oppressive new powers and they will expect us to be grateful for any tiny fragment of freedom they toss our way. It’s easy to think that our Government is merely exhibiting the usual confusion and incompetence. But it’s worse than that. Look at the Emergency Bill that was passed on the 26th March (and that most people still haven’t heard of) and it is clear that we are now living in a police state.

3. The NHS is having to throw people out of hospital wards because it only has around 142,000 beds. That is a pitifully low number of beds. We have 2.6 hospital beds per 1,000 population (compared to 4.5 on average in other countries). As our population has risen (thanks to unlimited immigration) so the number of beds has fallen. The only thing the NHS leads the world in is administrators. We have few doctors, nurses and beds but we have masses of obscenely highly paid bureaucrats. Astonishingly the number of beds in the NHS has been falling for decades – just as the population has been soaring. Over 40,000 hospital beds were lost during John Major’s seven years as Prime Minister. Tony Blair’s decade as Prime Minister saw a drop of just under 30,000 in the number of beds available. And the trend has continued since then. Thirty years ago the NHS had 299,000 beds. Today, the NHS has 142,000 beds. At the same time the number of highly paid administrators has increased and it is fair to say that the number of beds has been decreasing at roughly the inverse rate to which the number of desks has been increasing.

4. Expert commentators keep saying that the illness caused by the coronavirus cannot be compared to the flu. Why not? They both produce much the same symptoms. They both kill people (usually by causing pneumonia). They can both kill healthy people of all ages but they tend to kill people who are suffering from underlying health problems. The only big difference I can think of is that we don’t close down the world economy for the flu. What the devil are we going to do if the plague comes back?

5. My emails have stopped arriving again. And it won’t surprise me if this website gets taken down (for the umpteenth time). I cannot imagine why that would be. Who could I have possibly annoyed?

6. We spent much of this week trying to register with Sainsbury’s to get groceries delivered. We used to have food from Sainsbury’s but now they say they won’t deliver unless I prove I am over 70-years-old. I have done this so much I am bored. Once this fiasco is over I intend to boycott Sainsbury’s for ever. I have just emailed the boss to let him know that his company has been given the Harry Lime Award. Antoinette and I went out yesterday and managed to find a rival supermarket which had food for sale so it’s pickled beetroot, spaghetti alphabet and pineapple chunks for tea. And I managed to buy hazelnuts for the squirrels so they’re happy.

7. Official figures for February show that (even including the deaths from the coronavirus) the number of people dying from respiratory disease is lower this year than last year. In the whole of February 2019 there were 7,525 deaths from respiratory disease. In the whole of February 2020 there were 6,262 deaths from respiratory disease. When the media scream about how many have died from the coronavirus just remember that in a bad year the ordinary flu can kill over 600,000 people worldwide.

8. The courts are planning to do away with juries and allow judges to act alone. Gosh. This will doubtless make it much easier for the Government to lock up people who insist on telling the truth. The European Union has long wanted to get rid of juries. They are messy and unpredictable and expensive. You don’t have to be paranoid or to believe in conspiracy theories to see what is happening here. How many of these changes will be reversed? My guess is none but it could be less than that.

9. Dead bodies can now be cremated without a second doctor’s certificate. This will make it very easy for the next Dr Harold Shipman to kill thousands without ever being spotted.

10. The enthusiasm for making sure the number of deaths from the coronavirus continues to soar is so great that I wouldn't be surprised if someone who was decapitated in a motoring accident were, if proven to have the virus, listed as a coronavirus death. No effort will be spared to maximise the death rate. Just remember that the average number of deaths caused by flu in England alone in an average sort of year is 17,000. The authorities will be desperate to get the coronavirus death total in England to exceed that by the middle of next week.

11. The police who have been abusing their new powers should be sacked – they have proved that they are incapable of using their powers with good sense and compassion. They won’t even be disciplined, of course because we are living in a police state so who is going to discipline them? They should have their truncheons confiscated and hidden in dark and personal places.

12. If you want to know about why health care in Britain is utterly and irredeemably buggered might I respectfully suggest that you read my book Why and How Doctors Kill More People than Cancer – it’s available as a paperback and a kindle book on Amazon. If you read it you will understand why the NHS has become a disaster, why health care in the UK is now so appalling and why Grauniad journalists and NHS administrators hide their corpulent bodies under their desks when my name is mentioned. If you buy a copy we will put the royalty towards another bag of nuts for the squirrels and another bag of sunflower hearts for the birds.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2nd April 2020