Coronavirus – 31 March 2020

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. You are probably as surprised as I am that the mainstream media has ignored the biggest story of my lifetime: the decision to downgrade the coronavirus and the decision, a couple of days later, to introduce the most oppressive Bill in Parliament’s history. I couldn’t find any mention of this astonishing event on the BBC website and although a dear friend of mine sent details of the story to just about all the national newspapers, I don’t think any of them used it. They certainly didn’t give it the front page coverage it merited. So, the only place you can read the truth about what is happening is here on If you haven’t already done so please use your social media accounts to send links to the article on this site headed: `The coronavirus scare – we now know what it was all about’. It’s free and there are no advertisements. But be prepared for abuse from friends whose loyalty to authority exceeds their respect for the truth. Remember: there are two types of infectious disease: the very dangerous such as Ebola and the rest such as the flu. The coronavirus was originally placed in the same category as Ebola. The Government’s advisors have now downgraded it and put it in the flu category. Are we to assume that we will be put into lockdown whenever a new flu virus appears?

2. Is it any coincidence that since I published the truth about what is going on, I have been monstered, lied about, libelled and traduced all over the internet? The message seems clear: the truth must be suppressed at all cost. I have lost count of the number of times attempts have been made to destroy what is left of my reputation. When I wrote that meat causes cancer (in my book Food for Thought) a private body called the Advertising Standards Authority refused to read the 26 scientific papers I offered in evidence but nevertheless tried (and failed) to ban ads for the book. When I argued that AIDS wasn’t going to kill us all (as we had been told by the medical establishment) I was attacked by those who had a vested interest in promoting the scare. When I persuaded the Government to put stricter controls on the prescribing of benzodiazepines I was wildly vilified by doctors working for the drug companies. And so on and so on. The abusive critics who seem to specialise in mocking and sneering might like to read the page on this website headed `Dr Vernon Coleman’s Warnings, Forecasts and Predictions’. Every line on that page is absolutely accurate – doubters simply have to plough through my various books if they want the evidence (though in many cases the warnings, etc., were made in articles and columns before they ended up in books).

3. I was not going to write any more about the coronavirus (hoping that the big media players would have the courage to share the truth with their readers) but the failure of TV, radio, newspapers and big websites to run the story led Antoinette to persuade me to carry on. There has also been disturbingly little coverage of the Oxford University study which concluded that the coronavirus could have already infected half the British population. I strongly suspect that this study is correct. If it is, then Government policy is surely wrong. But the Government won’t know whether or not it is right because for reasons which I cannot understand the testing programme is still restricted and minute. We should be testing, testing, testing. Every household in the country should have, by now, been sent a coronavirus testing kit. (Incidentally, the name of the virus Covid-19 relates to its discovery. The full name is Covid-2019 because the virus has been around since last year.) The absence of testing rather invigorates my scepticism.

4. The Government’s policy is causing chaos and confusion. On the one hand we are told that we must go out of the house as little as possible. But on the other hand it is nigh on impossible to obtain supermarket delivery slots. And even when slots are available, customers are only allowed a limited number of items. The exercise regulations are causing confusion too. Originally, the Government said that we could go out and exercise once a day. But the police (who were given real fascist powers in the Bill I described, and who are already enjoying using them) appear to have decided that it is illegal for anyone to go out in their car to find a nice place for a walk. Everyone is, it seems, expected to walk the streets where they live, breathe in whatever fumes might be available and run the risk of being run over. One reason for this restriction was said to be that if people were allowed to wander about some of them might fall off cliffs and require emergency medical care – putting emergency service staff at risk. I wonder how many people fall off cliffs each year. A dozen, perhaps? How many thousands will have heart attacks through not taking any exercise? Embarrassed Government ministers, realising that they have given the police the power to do pretty well as they like, immediately agreed with the constabulary and announced that we should not find nice places to go for a walk but should walk in our gardens. Local councils everywhere have shut down parks to make sure that people who go for a walk don’t enjoy themselves too much. Those who live in flats are presumably expected to limit themselves to a wander around their window box.

5. People in the US and Australia are selling packet soup to British buyers and the prices are obscene. It is now possible to pay £20 to £40 for a packet of soup. Some of the sellers are inviting prospective soup drinkers to bid for one packet of soup. `War-time’ profiteering is back.

6. I am told that David Icke has reported that elderly patients in hospital are being encouraged to sign DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) forms. I am not surprised. I trust David far more than I trust Boris. (I first met David when I was his family GP, and in the 1980s he was kind enough to appear on a TV series based on my book Bodypower)

7. It is now being predicted that the death total in the UK from the coronavirus could hit 20,000. (The figure has been gradually downgraded from 500,000.) I wonder how many people know that the average total of deaths caused by flu in England alone is 17,000 a year. That’s the average in a normal year. When the flu is bad, the figure is much higher. And I wonder how many people will die because of the restrictions, the delayed operations, the lost jobs, the poor diets, the lack of exercise and the massive amounts of stress. My guess (and at least I am honest enough to admit it is a guess) is that between 100,000 and 250,000 people will die unnecessarily as a direct result of the `cure’ which the Government has introduced. Just think of all those now being denied essential screening, scanning, treatment and surgery while the NHS devotes itself to an infectious disease in the same epidemiological bracket as the flu. (It is, of course, no longer a notifiable disease.) Think of all those who will have heart attacks because they are eating badly and not exercising. Millions will suffer mental and physical disease which will take years to unravel. I am convinced the `cure’ will do more damage than the `disease’. How long could all this go on for? Presumably, until everyone in the country has acquired immunity to the virus and the virus has run out of potential victims. That could take a year or more. What sort of county will we be left with?

8. Meanwhile, the Government continues to bring in more oppressive laws and the ramifications seem endless. The Bill that was conveniently prepared and passed last Wednesday (with only minimal scrutiny) has turned Britain into a police state. The police and local council officials have even been trying to stop shops selling Easter eggs lest children have a moment or two of joy over the coming Christian holiday. There are now calls for identity cards to be introduced though I find it difficult to see why ID cards should help prevent the flu. Why don’t the authorities go all the way and tattoo numbers on our forearms. All this is very 1984. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

9. If cars aren’t taken out for a drive of twenty minutes or so every week or two then batteries will go flat and the cars won’t start. I need the car to be able to take Antoinette to the pharmacy to collect her life-saving medicines and to the doctors’ surgery to have her B12 injection. Antoinette is terrified that she won’t be allowed to have her two monthly jabs – without which the painful, neurological symptoms of pernicious anaemia will come bouncing back. And there is also a real risk that the breast cancer will be triggered back into action. The nation’s hospitals appear to have pretty well closed, despite the fact that the Government has secretly downgraded the coronavirus, and I am terrified that Antoinette might need help. And what about her mammogram in a month or so? It’s a safe bet that will be delayed. Millions of people are in the same unpleasant situation.

10. We had a Tesco delivery recently. The young man who brought our modest allowance of groceries was clearly terrified and spoke (from a very safe distance) of things getting a lot worse before they improved. He (sensibly) insisted on signing the electronic device which records receipt of our groceries but I still had to handle the plastic trays in which the food was packed. If the supermarkets are taking the coronavirus seriously then all groceries being delivered should be packed into plastic bags not the usual plastic trays.

11. It occurred to me today that Guantanamo Bay is now probably the safest place on earth. (That is the one that Obama was going to shut down on his first day in office. Sadly, he found himself too busy bombing foreign countries, collecting peace prizes and planning his route to untold riches to bother with pre-election promises.)

12. Dustmen (sorry,` community recycling consultants’) are talking of stopping work, and the local council is going to tell us about collections the day before – presumably on the grounds that we aren’t allowed out of our homes so what does it matter. People in flats and terraced houses will not be able to cope if rubbish collections are stopped. And the health hazard will be enormous – especially as the weather gets warmer. The rats, already huge, will soon be bigger than policemen, though probably not as bossy.

13. The Prime Minister is threatening to bring in even tougher laws though to be honest apart from setting up firing squads I cannot think what else he might plan. I have seen spokespersons of one sort or another claiming that the lockdown might last six months, twelve months or eighteen months. In some ways, it feels as though Corbyn had won the last election and turned Britain into a communist state. There is a shortage of food and toilet rolls, and the shops and restaurants are all shut. This could be the Soviet Union or East Germany in the 1970s. I remember visiting East Berlin in the 1970s and being astonished at the empty shelves in the shops. But at least they had shops which were open.

14. Today a Government minister announced that the worst is yet to come and that if shoppers aren’t more cautious then rationing will have to be introduced. I cannot think of anything more guaranteed to encourage panic buying than the threat of rationing. Is there anyone in the Government with any functioning brain tissue?

15. Antoinette’s rib pain that was triggered by her coughing a short while ago is still there and, not surprisingly, Antoinette is worried sick that the cancer has spread into her bones – specifically her ribs. The bones are a favourite target for wandering breast cancer cells. The pain was triggered by bad coughing. It got a little better but it hasn’t gone away. The coughing is the cause. But will the hospital see us if we need to ring for help for another problem? From everything I have seen on the news it seems that doctors and hospitals are obsessed with this superstar coronavirus. Unbelievably, cancer patients are taking second place and the entire NHS now seems devoted to this jumped up flu bug. Please say a little prayer to your God for Antoinette whose daily battles with the demon are fought with paints and brushes as she paints her way to peace.

16. We were battered by strong winds over the last couple of days and rather than call a builder in I did a few odd jobs myself. I secured the entrance to our wigwam greenhouse with a piece of string and half a dozen rusty old horseshoes. And I temporarily mended a heavy cast iron downpipe with the aid of a plastic strimmer blade and an iron Victorian foot scraper. But what happens if you really do need a builder? Are we allowed to call in someone if a chunk of roof flies off? Is there anyone to call? Or do we just shrug and put up an umbrella?

17. Although we managed to get our previously customary Tesco delivery in what has now become the great Phone Lottery, we still haven’t heard from Sainsbury’s about their much publicised delivery arrangements for the over 70s. If we cannot fix Tesco we were hoping to book a Sainsbury delivery. I have been trying to register for their home deliveries for about a week and so far I have got nowhere. I wrote to to complain and received, as expected, a standardised reply which was of absolutely no value. The Government knows where we all live, how old we are, what we earn and what we own. They certainly also know our national insurance numbers. All this information is used quickly and easily to chase us down if we owe sixpence in tax so why can’t the same information be used to make sure that old folk get the food deliveries they were promised? Maybe they just don’t care.

18. The newspapers are full of the news that 200 people died of the coronavirus today. This is enormously sad but the figure is announced as if it were 200,000. Actually, I see that someone has resurrected the threat that at least 500,000 of us are going to die within a few months. I know of absolutely no evidence for this claim. The scaremongers might just as well claim that five million are going to die. Or why not tell us that we are all going to die and be done with it? Why doesn’t someone point out that in an average year the flu kills 17,000 people in England in the winter season. That means that the average death rate from the ordinary old-fashioned flu in an ordinary year is around 200 a day. In a bad year it will be much higher than that. Every time a previously healthy individual dies, that is offered as evidence that the coronavirus is far more deadly than the flu. It is also important to remember that the ordinary flu also kills previously healthy individuals.

19. I see that Tony Blair is giving us the benefit of his wisdom. Very nice of him since he usually provides his thoughts to rich American banks who can afford his massive fees. If he is going to pitch in with his half-penny’s worth we might as well go round the prisons and invite other mass murderers to offer us their advice. Maybe the Yorkshire Ripper has a view. What the hell does Blair know about anything other than deceit and betrayal? I understand that he has a need to appear on television regularly but why do TV companies keep giving him airtime?

20. It was reported that a man had died after touching a currency note that was infected with the coronavirus. Congratulations to whoever managed to prove that a patient caught the coronavirus from a banknote – even if the note was tested and turned out to be contaminated. But is it possible that this could be just another attempt to persuade us to stop using cash? I said right at the start of this fiasco that one of the hidden aims was to stop us using cash.

21. The Government is going to give or lend some money to self-employed workers who are in financial distress, and the Chancellor has said that this small generosity will lead to a permanent change in the tax status of the self-employed. In other words, the self-employed will probably have to pay the same National Insurance rate as employed workers – but they will not receive unemployment benefit. The long-term consequences of all this will be far reaching. I pity anyone under 40. Their future becomes grimmer by the day.

22. A few months ago the country was divided into two groups. On the one hand there were those who thought that we should leave the EU and strike out on our own. On the other hand there were those who believed that we should remain within the EU. Today, the country is divided again. This time it is divided into those who believe that our leaders are lying and have a hidden agenda, or possibly several hidden agendas, and those who trust our leaders implicitly and who are prepared to dob in anyone who dares to disobey our not so great Dictator.

23. The death total in Italy is still being used as evidence supporting the UK Government’s oppressive policies. But, as I pointed out on this website on 23rd March, the figures from Italy are wrong. Studies published in the US concluded that as few as 12% of those who allegedly died from the coronavirus may have really died from it. Just because someone has the coronavirus and dies it is not necessarily correct to conclude that the one was responsible for the other. If someone who has acne is unfortunate enough to die it does not necessarily follow that the acne was the cause of their death.

24. Antoinette and I send our best wishes to all our readers. Please share this page with as many people as you can. Only by sharing the truth will we be able to regain our lost freedom. And the media at large seem determined to follow the popular line and sell fear and consternation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 30th March 2020