Coronavirus: Cock-up or Conspiracy - My Conclusions

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

So, we can now be pretty sure that the over 75s are going to be denied medical treatment. The first inklings have appeared. And compulsory vaccination is on its way. I got those two right, I’m afraid.

So, what else is planned as part of the coronavirus hoax?

Well, I’d take a bet that Brexit is finished. I fear that the behind-the-scenes power brokers who opposed Brexit will use this manufactured `crisis’ as an excuse to abandon our leaving the EU. You might expect that big companies would be suing the Government for its handling of the coronavirus. But most big company bosses are sitting on their wallets because they see this as a last opportunity to sound the death-knell for Brexit. The longer the lock down lasts the greater the chance that Brexit will be just an almost memory.

Cheques and cash will be gone within a year or two at most. We’ll have to use plastic for everything we do. That will give the State complete knowledge about our movements and habits.

And I can pretty well guarantee that the `temporary’ powers the Government has given itself (and the police) will turn out to be permanent. When governments grab power they tend to hang onto them. As Milton Friedman once observed `nothing is as permanent as a temporary government programme’.

If you’re in any doubt about the future read the Government’s Emergency Bill which they must have been preparing for some time. It’s 358 pages long so they didn’t put it together in an afternoon.

Even Lord Sumption, the eminent jurist and former Supreme Court Judge, is reported to have talked about `collective hysteria’ and to have used the phrase `police state’.

The Government can issue orders with no legal check or authority and the police must do what Ministers tell them to do. Pretty much the same is true around the world. Computers, mobile phones and tracking software mean that governments can now keep track of their citizens 24 hours a day.

The Government knows where all pensioners live but, despite having forbidden relatives or friends to visit them, has deliberately made no effort to ensure that the elderly are receiving food supplies. How many old people will starve to death in the next two months? How many dead bodies will be found behind locked doors?

The Government must know that the lockdown will result in many deaths in the future. Operations and treatment programmes have been `postponed’ though no one knows for how long. People are eating what they can find and getting little or no real exercise. Indeed, unless the Government is comprised entirely of halfwits they must realise that the lockdown will have already killed far more people than the coronavirus.

But the Government has had it easy so far. The media has built up the `crisis’ with a daily diet of aggressive fear-making. There has been no debate. Although I haven’t accepted any of them, I’ve received numerous invitations to appear on radio and TV around the world, but I haven’t received any invitations from the British media to discuss the coronavirus. If I were talking nonsense it would be easy to take me apart, wouldn’t it? And the constant building up of the fear has worked. The majority are enthusiastic about being locked in. They are enthusiastic about vaccination. They are watching far more TV than ever and drinking more booze than ever. The man who used to sit on the top of the Clapham Omnibus is now sat at home growing fat and lazy and obedient. Millennials are filled with a terror that they cannot deal with. Zombie companies which were about to go bust will be saved with taxpayers’ money. Taxpayers know that within a year they will be paying the highest ever rates of tax. Who would bet against VAT rising to 25% or more?

It has long been clear to anyone who doesn’t leave a slimy trail when they move about, that the coronavirus fiasco is either the biggest cock up in world history or the result of a conspiracy. But any suspicion that the Government could have simply made a series of mistakes has long gone. This has the finger prints of the Bilderbergers over every inch. And everywhere I look I see new signs of Orwellian horrors. Those who are puzzled by the fact that the coronavirus appears to have been dealt with quickly and relatively easily in China should know that the Bilderbergers almost certainly have no power in China. The coronavirus appears to be a real menace only in those countries where the Bilderbergers hold sway.

The Emergency Bill gives doctors the right to certify individuals insane and have them carted away without objection. There is evidence that some pathologists have apparently decreed that dead patients who have the coronavirus must now be cremated without examination. I’ve seen a briefing which states: `If a death is believed to be due to confirmed COVID-19 infection there is unlikely to be any need for a post-mortem examination to be conducted and the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death should be issued’. The key word here is surely `believed’. Surely, this is a murderer’s charter? The wise murderer will merely insist that his victim had a cough. The body will then be burned without examination. And, as a dear friend points out, what about other causes of death that might be missed? We could miss an outbreak of the plague.

Knowing that nowhere near enough people are dying of the coronavirus to justify the oppressive new measures they’ve introduced, the authorities are quietly making sure that most of the people who die are classified as coronavirus deaths. Indeed, there is some evidence that people are being classified as coronavirus victims without ever having been tested. I’ll take a bet that non coronavirus deaths will fall noticeably as a result. Deaths from heart disease and cancer will mysteriously drop as everyone who dies is classified `a coronavirus death’. It seems that we are doing what the Italians did – if a patient has the virus and they die then they died of the virus. But I suspect we’re going one step further. If someone who dies is thought to have had the virus, or might have had the virus, then they are coronavirus victims and their death is added to the total. The lack of testing makes this easy.

And so the cure, not the problem, is causing the crisis.

And at the end of it, whenever that finally comes, Boris, our brave leader, and Ferguson, the mathematical modeller whose disputed work led to the death of six million animals during the foot and mouth `crisis’, will stand side by side and announce, with surprising humility, that they saved us all.

And I fear that most people, staunch believers, will give grateful thanks and applaud their saviours. They will consider the price they’ve had to pay, the loss of their freedom, acceptably small.

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