Are Governments Planning Annual Coronavirus Vaccinations?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

It is now being claimed by some experts that those who catch the coronavirus may not retain their immunity. And that they might, therefore, catch the virus a second time. Or a third time.

This, of course, is most unusual to say the least.

(Actually, Iím not sure I believe it. I have never known so much bollocks talked about a disease.)

People who catch an infection and survive are usually protected against future attacks.

(Flu vaccinations are usually given annually because the flu virus against which the vaccination is intended to provide protection changes each year Ė or more often. The vaccination isnít against the same flu virus Ė but a different one each year. Sadly, the vaccination isnít always against whatever virus happens to be prevalent that year.)

But if it is believed that catching the coronavirus doesnít provide lifelong immunity then I donít see how the much publicised proposed coronavirus vaccination will provide lifelong immunity either.

And so will the authorities insist that we all have annual vaccinations?

And I cannot see those vaccinations being voluntary.

I wonder how many people will be made ill or killed by the vaccinations.

But someone is going to make a hell of a lot of money.

And what else will the damned vaccine do to us?

Two months ago, I would not have even thought this. But the world has changed.

Anyone who isnít paranoid isnít thinking straight.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 18th 2020

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