Feminism is just Politically Correct Sexism

Vernon Coleman

The current Peterborough MP is a woman who has just come out of prison for lying. (What a good job it is that they don’t send all MPs to prison for lying. Theresa May would never get out.) The MP has been thrown out of the Labour Party.

The MP, Fiona Onasanya, has refused to resign and so the local citizens are currently deciding whether or not she should be thrown out and replaced.

None of that concerns me overmuch.

But the comments of one citizen did trouble me.

‘I don’t think we should throw her out,’ said the voter. ‘We are very proud to have a black woman MP.’

So it’s OK to lie and be sent to prison if you’re black and a woman? Are black female MPs now going to be judged by different (even lower) standards than the rest of the buffoons? To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Worse still, I saw one report which said that the Labour Party will choose their next parliamentary candidate from an all-woman shortlist.

Can you imagine the outcry if they’d said they would have an all-male shortlist?

Feminism is one of the daftest and most damaging trends, and positive discrimination is one of the most offensive and patronising aspects of feminism.

This brand of sexism is rife in our society.

When people were asked to choose a face to appear on the £10 note, Churchill was dismissed as ‘just another white man’ and there was a push for Jane Austen to be on our £10 notes.

Churchill was indeed a white man but he was also without question the most successful leader Europe has ever had.

Whereas Jane Austen was an overhyped romantic novelist who got the spot on our currency because she almost certainly had a vagina and Churchill probably didn’t.

What a stupid way, sexist way to run a country.

There would be no need for feminism if people simply had respect for one another.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019