Councillors Have Undeveloped Brains - Official!

Vernon Coleman

Eighteen-year-olds are now entitled to take on jobs as councillors.

How wonderful.

Ironically, in the same week that it was announced that Britain was getting teenage politicians, it was also revealed that young drivers should not be allowed to drive cars until they are 25-years-old.

The reason?

New Zealand researchers claim that the undeveloped brains of teenagers make them more dangerous on the roads. The lack of brain development is, it seems, a common crash risk factor in younger motorists.

The frontal lobe of the brain - the part which controls emotion, risk taking and decision making - does not mature fully until the age of 25.

As a result teenagers are more prone to be excitable and impulsive. And more likely to take dangerous risks and make bad judgements.

And now we have teenage politicians.

Even more likely than the others to make bad judgements and take dangerous risks.


Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2007