Startling Covid and Flu Facts from the WHO and UK Government

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

We are constantly being told that covid-19 is a pandemic which threatens us all.

Here are some facts taken from WHO and UK Government publications.

1. Total number of covid-19 cases worldwide (after a massive global testing programme which is known to be find many false positives) : 89.7 million
2. Total number of global influenza cases in a six month season can be 1,000 million
3. Total number of global flu deaths in a six month season can be 650,000
4. Total number of global covid-19 deaths in 14 months is alleged to be 1.9 million (see note below)
5. Total number of global deaths from communicable diarrhoeal diseases in a year: 1.5 million
6. Total number of global deaths from tuberculosis in a year: 1.4 million
7. Total number of children dying from hunger globally in a year: 3.1 million
8. Total number of global deaths from pneumonia in 2016: 3 million
9. Total number of global deaths from pneumonia of children under the age of five: 800,000 a year.

I tried to find the number of flu cases and deaths for 2020. The World Health Organisation admits that the incidence of flu was very low worldwide in 2020. The WHO reports there were no cases of flu in the Caribbean or Central America or South America. There were some sporadic cases in India. There was sporadic detection of flu in some countries in the northern hemisphere. The WHO reports a finding of 379 positive tests for flu, though I could not find the total number of deaths. (That is 379 as in just over one a day and not 379 million, which would be low in a normal year.) For comparison in the UK in 2017-18 there were 50,100 flu deaths (deaths not cases) in the UK between October 2017 and the end of the flu season six months later in 2018.

Note 1: the figures for covid-19 deaths are unusual in that countries are counting patients as having died with covid-19 if they tested positive for covid-19 within 28 or 60 days. The testing procedure is known to be flawed in that it finds more false positives than real positives. The test can also be manipulated to increase the number of false positives. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to assume that the total number of `realí covid-19 deaths is considerably lower than the alleged total number of deaths.

Note 2: In March 2020 in the UK the coronavirus was officially downgraded to a flu level threat. (See link on the top of the health page and share widely.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 10th 2021