More Evidence of Covid Genocide

Dr Vernon Coleman

When, early on in the fake pandemic, it was announced that the Government wanted retired doctors to help out while younger doctors hid underneath their desks, I wrote to the General Medical Council to offer my name. I wasn’t impressed by the scare stories but I thought that with hospital departments closing and GPs as rare a sight as swallows in December, I could perhaps help a little with sore throats, wonky knees and so on. I thought that with GPs all hiding I could perhaps be useful.

Like most retired doctors I automatically lost my licence to practise when I hung up my stethoscope for the last time. The GMC does not usually allow retired GPs to remain licensed – thereby permanently depriving the country of thousands of capable and experienced physicians.

In reply to my note, I received a message from the GMC in which they refused to discuss anything with me because the email address from which I wrote was not the same as the email address which I had half a millennium ago when I was last registered and licensed.

I long ago forgot the email address I had then but it felt good to know that some things don’t change and that the GMC is as bureaucratic and as obstructive as ever. The GMC then told me that they wanted me to have my passport scanned and sent to them by email. We don’t have a working scanner (the last three all died) and anyway there is not a chance in hell of my sending a copy of my passport to anyone by email.

I then discovered that the Government had arbitrarily decided that I am far too old to be of any practical use.

Today, I read that I wasn’t the only one to find the GMC intolerably obstructive. The GMC granted temporary emergency licenses to around 8,200 GPs who had retired or been off the register for other reasons. However, the GMC only gave the temporary licences to GPs who had been off the register for less than five years so I was way outside their approved time-scale.

However, the vast majority of the doctors given temporary licences have not done any medical work at all.

Red tape and bureaucracy prevented them from doing anything useful.

And many additional retired doctors gave up the quest to be relicensed after finding that they had to provide 21 pieces of evidence, including evidence of Prevent Radicalisation training (whatever that is).

The process for returning to work was described as challenging and impenetrable.

It seems that the Government really didn’t want those extra doctors to be available.

Bizarrely, this week the Government claimed the country desperately needs more doctors.

If the Government really wants to increase the number of GPs it should invite retired GPs to emerge from retirement – and perhaps work part-time. (Many existing, younger GPs, particularly female ones, only work two or three days a week to reduce their tax liabilities. And that’s part of the reason for the shortage. Older GPs working half a week would improve the GP service considerably.)

But this won’t happen.

The Government, and the NHS, will recruit a few foreign doctors (many of whom won’t speak colloquial English) and that will be it. Those foreign doctors will be paid a fortune.

Retired doctors will remain retired and unwanted.

And it seems to me clear that here is yet more proof that covid has been used as a cover for a programme of genocide.

If the British Government had wanted more doctors it could have easily asked 10,000 to 15,000 fit and able retired GPs to come out of retirement. Most doctors only retired (often in their 50s) because they couldn’t bear the GMC’s hated bureaucratic revalidation programme which requires doctors to spend much of their time filling in yet more forms.

(It is difficult to avoid the thought that the absurd revalidation programme was deliberately introduced to force older, experienced, independent doctors out of the medical profession – thereby making it easier to destroy the NHS, to kill vast numbers of elderly and sick patients and to push through the coronavirus hoax and the covid jab fraud.)

Practising medicine is like riding a bicycle. It wouldn’t take long to get back into the groove. Most doctors asked would have happily complied – to help rescue the NHS from the mess of its own making.

My only conclusion is that the Government did not want more experienced doctors available before or after the covid fraud.


Maybe the Government realised that older, more experienced doctors, not bound by an NHS contract, without mortgages to pay and without future careers to worry about, might be more likely to question the whole covid hoax. It is noteworthy most of the few doctors objecting to the fraud have been older and more experienced physicians.

Several thousand doctors screaming about the covid lies and the covid jab fraud wouldn’t fit the plan, would it?

And having thousands of experienced doctors around would have made it difficult for the Government and the NHS to murder thousands of old people in care homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

Be angry. Be very angry. And share information about the fraud with everyone you know.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021