Review of `The Great Covid Panic’ by Colin M Barron

Dr Vernon Coleman

Most people who have been following the twists and turns of the fake pandemic, the over marketed flu known as covid-19 and the useless and toxic covid-19 vaccine will know the name Dr Colin M Barron. His wonderful videos on YouTube and then on Brand New Tube regularly informed and entertained thousands before they were hacked or removed. And his books are always well worth reading and make valuable additions to any personal library. (Sadly, the few public libraries which still exist seem to be more interested in DVDs than books.) Like most of us who shared the truth with the world, Dr Barron was subjected to a continuing barrage of abuse. He explains how he was `verbally abused by people who had no relevant qualifications, including a hairdresser, a plumber and a joiner’.

If I were putting together a time capsule to tell future generations about the lying, the frauds and the deceiving which have characterised the first four years of the fake pandemic which still dominates our lives in so many ways, then Colin M.Barron’s latest book would be one of the first artefacts I’d put in. It’s an eminently readable account of how the world was deceived and damaged by the activities of a mixture of a relatively small number of malignant, ignorant and insane individuals who by using clever psychological tricks, plain old-fashioned lies and a compliant media succeeded in tricking billions of people to accept lockdowns, wear masks and be jabbed with a toxic vaccine which never did what it was supposed to do.

Dr Barron’s story begins with an account of how the world’s media exaggerated and deceived and gave the impression that we were all in the grip of a new plague. He explains how shots of Italian army lorries filled with corpses `was allegedly stock footage filmed during an earlier health emergency.’

He explains how Britain began by suggesting that anyone who had covid should stay at home for a week or so but that schools, businesses and hospitals should carry on as before – allowing the `flu’ to spread through the community and enable the development of `herd immunity’

`Unfortunately,’ writes Dr Barron, `the Government chose not to go down his route’. And their decision was largely due to a report from Professor Neil Ferguson, a mathematical epidemiologist who predicted that 510,000 people would die in the UK if protective measures were not introduced.

Neither the media nor the Government seemed to care that Ferguson had a long history of getting things wrong, and his predictions were used around the world as an excuse for the sort of clampdown never previously seen in peacetime.

A new Bill was published overnight and the police were given new powers. `One force even sent up drones to catch people hiking across moors,’ writes Dr Barron, and then adds that he cannot see how walking alone across a deserted moor could spread covid.

Dr Barron discusses masks (including the absurd suggestion from Professor Susan Michie that mask wearing should be permanent) and explains how the people involved in telling the public what to do didn’t seem terribly interested in following their own advice. An endless series of politicians and advisors (including Professor Ferguson) broke the rules they themselves had insisted were essential.

`I lost several friends…because of my outspoken views,’ writes Dr Barron, and I am sure many people can sympathise with that.

Early on in 2020 Dr Barron introduced me to the `rule of three’ which was being used during the pandemic to create punchy and convincing slogans to sell the Government’s lies. It was thanks to Dr Barron’s explanation of the rule of three that I created my own slogan: `Distrust the Government, Avoid Mass Media and Fight the Lies’ which I used at the end of over 300 videos.

The book contains an excellent section describing how the NHS has been permanently damaged by the unnecessary covid measures which were introduced, and how the GP service has been destroyed. And Dr Barron points out by discouraging autopsies during the fake pandemic the Government enabled doctors to put down `covid’ as a cause of death even if they hadn’t actually seen the patient. Patients who were run down by a bus were classified as covid deaths.

Dr Barron provides an excellent summary of the PCR testing fiasco, summarises the damage done by mask wearing and reports how the vaccine was promoted by celebrities – one of whom even suggested that it might be necessary to `hold people down and forcibly vaccinate them’.

There is a superb section dealing with the Great Reset and the dangers of social credit (a lasting effect of the fraud) and another brilliant chapter discussing whether the fake pandemic was foreseen, and the possible role of predictive planning.

Finally, there is an important and very readable section dealing with the aftermath of the fake pandemic – and how it has changed our world forever.

And Dr Barron seems sceptical, I’m delighted to see, about the inquiry into the way the pandemic was handled. The inquiry is expected to last until 2026 and cost £156 million but although I have frequently offered to explain how I knew in March 2020 that covid was nothing more than a remarketed standard flu, the inquiry has ignored my offer – despite the fact that everything I’ve said and predicted in over 300 videos and thousands of articles was absolutely accurate.

`The Great Covid Panic’ by Colin M Barron is an always accurate, sometimes savage look at the greatest and most damaging fraud in history. Those who still don’t understand what happened should read it and those who have always been sceptical should read it if only for the pleasure of being able to say `I told you I was right’.

The Great Covid Panic is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

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