A Mother’s Covid Revenge

Dr Vernon Coleman

The following extract is from my new novella: `A Needle for a Needle: A Mother’s Covid Revenge’

The Plot so far: Mrs Mallory’s son Leigh has died after a covid-19 vaccination. Now her husband, who has also been vaccinated has had a heart attack. Mrs Mallory is trying to get help. Read on:

‘Sit there and don’t move,’ said Mrs Mallory quite unnecessarily. ‘I’ll ring the doctor.’

The doctor’s phone was connected to an answering machine which clicked into action after a dozen rings. ‘Thank you for your call. Please note that we do not deal with emergencies at this practice,’ said a voice which Mrs Mallory recognised as belonging to one of the receptionists. ‘If you have an emergency please telephone for an ambulance, or make your way to the Accident and Emergency Department of your nearest hospital. You can find a list of local hospitals online. Please go to our website to rate our service on TruthPilot with whom we are trusted partners. Your call is important to us.’

Mrs Mallory telephoned the emergency number and spoke to a kindly sounding woman who asked her, as calmly as if she had all the time in the world, if she wanted the police, the fire brigade or the ambulance service. Mrs Mallory asked for an ambulance.

‘There is currently a waiting time of 16 hours for an ambulance,’ said the woman to whom she next spoke. ‘Our ambulances and crews are very busy with other calls. We always endeavour to provide the public with the very best service possible. Your call is important to us.’

‘My husband is having a heart attack,’ said Mrs Mallory. She described her husband’s symptoms.

‘In that case I can put you on our special emergency list for priority calls,’ said the telephone operator. ‘I’ll check on the availability of that service.’ There was silence for a moment. It seemed to Mrs Mallory to last about a month, though in reality it may have been shorter. ‘We hope to get an ambulance to you in 17 hours,’ said the receptionist, sounding very pleased with herself. ‘But I must warn you that the junior doctors and the consultants are all starting their combined strike in 12 hours’ time so by the time we can get you to the hospital there won’t be any doctors available. Is there anything else I can help you with, today?’

Mrs Mallory thanked the operator and put the phone down. Her first thought then was to telephone Leigh and to ask him to take them to the hospital in his van. And then she remembered that she couldn’t ever telephone Leigh again. She suddenly felt very lonely. They had no other relatives. She tried to think of a neighbour she could ask but couldn’t think of anyone whom they knew well enough and who would be available. She opened a little personal directory she kept by the phone. It contained the telephone numbers of a plumber, an electrician and a taxi company. She rang the taxi company.

‘I’m sorry,’ said the woman who answered the phone. ‘But we can’t get anyone to you this week.’

‘It’s an emergency,’ said Mrs Mallory. She explained.

‘Oh, in that case I’m afraid we can’t help you at all,’ said the woman. ‘Our insurance doesn’t allow us to carry people who are ill.’ There was a pause. ‘I’m terribly sorry,’ she said, in a mechanical sort of way, the sort of insincere apology someone in a hurry might make after a slight collision on a crowded pavement. ‘I’m sure you understand, it’s company policy. We can’t allow our drivers to be placed in a difficult situation. Our company policy is to ask you to ring an ambulance. But we hope to be of service to you in the future. We are partners with TruthPilot, the internationally renowned ratings organisation. Please go to our website if you would like to leave a rating and a comment. We offer a 10% discount coupon to all those who leave a five star rating.’ She ended the connection quickly.

Mrs Mallory went back into the living room to see how her husband was doing.

Taken from `A Needle for a Needle: A Mother’s Covid Revenge’ by Vernon Coleman . If you want to know what happens next – and how Mrs Mallory exacts her revenge on the doctor responsible for her son’s death– read the novella which is available via the bookshops on www.vernoncoleman.com and www.vernoncoleman.org

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