Uncomfortable Covid Truths

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

1. The fake pandemic didn’t start in 2020. It started in the 1980s when AIDS was introduced as the plague that was going to kill us all. After that, numerous other attempts were made to publicise threats which were quickly forgotten. Exaggerated predictions were made by the same scientist who scared everyone with forecasts for covid.

2. Covid-19 killed relatively few people in poor countries. This has puzzled scientists but the explanation is very simple. In poor countries, those individuals who fell ill with covid simply stayed in bed and treated the infection as if it were the flu – which it was. In the UK and the USA and most other `rich’ countries, patients were killed en masse, and those who had tested positive by the useless PCR test were put down as having died from covid (even if they had been run over by the Number 13 omnibus).

3. The traditional `flu’ virtually disappeared in 2020. But the number of deaths from covid plus flu pretty well equalled the number of flu deaths from 2019. Check out the official figures if you don’t believe me.

4. As I have shown, using government figures, the total number of deaths in 2020 was no higher than average. There was no pandemic.

5. The excess deaths started in 2021 as the lockdowns and the roll out of the covid-19 vaccine started to result in many deaths.

6. The long-term health risks with the covid-19 vaccine were ignored as drug companies rushed to bring out products with indecent haste. It is now generally accepted by those who can read that the mass vaccination programmes were entirely unnecessary and a disaster.

7. The mRNA vaccines are now being used to bring in other mRNA products. Journalists who cannot read properly still believe that the covid-19 vaccines helped save lives. And so, with enthusiasm based on ignorance, they welcome mRNA technology.


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