Is This How They Will Use Children to Create a Second Wave?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Children are being forced to endure a variety of CIA torture techniques.

Mask wearing and social distancing are well-known as methods of breaking down the spirit and mental health of individuals.

Look at news footage of children walking along school corridors, hunched, silent, scared, masked, separated by the statutory six feet of space and you will be reminded of round shouldered prisoners trudging around in concentration camps in World War II. Schools are bringing back disposable plastic cups and in addition to bringing sandwiches (hot meals are banned), children have to take a two litre bottle of water with them. And there are to be no jokes about covid-19. No laughing, no singing, no loud talking and definitely no jokes.

The masks will help destroy the minds of our children but they will also break the physical health of children and students.

Despite absurd denials (and a lack of sufficient research) I believe that the existing science shows that masks impede breathing, damage the immune system and increase the risk of infections developing.

I believe that more school children have died because they were wearing masks than have died of covid-19. Common childhood diseases such as chickenpox are a greater threat to young children than covid-19. Forcing children to wear masks, keep their distance from friends, lose their freedom to play games and so on will result in an increase in health problems (including weight gain).

These illnesses (whatever they are) will be blamed on covid-19 and used as an excuse to introduce more lockdowns – and to close schools.

And the illnesses of children will also be used as an excuse to speed up the mass, enforced vaccination of whole populations.

This, I fear, could be how the authorities create the second wave they have been predicting – and which they desperately need to keep this fraud alive.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 6th 2020

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