Cremation Ads

Vernon Coleman

Antoinette is now being inundated with advertisements for cremation services. We’re waiting for the results of her operation – and the biopsies that were taken. Her iPad is awash with the damned things. Other people get ads for shoes, cars or frocks. Antoinette gets ads for cremation services, funeral directors and cut price deals on coffins.

As you can imagine this isn’t much fun for her. And it certainly isn’t helping her.

As I mentioned the other day, it is possible that this obscene harassment is a result of her keying in a search for details about breast cancer. Search engines are designed to pick out our `interests’ and then plan ads accordingly.

But, since Antoinette’s diagnosis, I’ve done lots of research into breast cancer and my internet searches aren’t covered in ads for cremation services etc.

So is it possible that the NHS has sold Antoinette’s details and is making money out of her illness?

Would you bet against it?

No, nor would I.

Whether it is Google or the NHS this bombardment with death related advertising is truly sick.

I wish I knew who was responsible…

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019

P.S. A heartfelt thank you to all those kind readers who sent love, prayers and gentle messages of support and affection. We think of you as family and we appreciate your kindnesses more than I can say. I’ll publish an update about Antoinette’s condition when we know more.