Crooks, Liars, Deceivers, Nutters, War Criminals and More

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. If you have a private pension then you should watch out. As I warned years ago, private pensions are an easy target for politicians and bankers who want to control everything. And confiscating pension funds is the easy way to make sure no one owns anything. The Labour Party in the UK is talking about encouraging pension funds to invest the money in their care `in a certain way’. It won’t be long before `encouraging’ becomes `forcing’. It was a Labour Government which destroyed life in Britain with a series of absurd targets. And once pension firms are given targets they will probably all go bust – taking savers’ money with them. Most worrying of all is the fact that renowned war criminal Tony Blair (who now has an Institute) wants to merge thousands of small occupational funds which can be `encouraged’ to invest in green energy and other state-approved projects instead of investing in companies which know what they’re doing and actually make money.

2. Unless English Prime Minister and War Criminal Rishi Sunak is as stupid as he appears to be, he must know that Communist style price controls on foods won’t work. They won’t work because when prices are kept artificially low two things happen. First, people buy more of them and there is a shortage. Second, people stop selling them because there is no profit. So, is Sunak as thick as the proverbial? Or is he merely being crafty and trying to persuade people to like him? Or is this just part of the plan to bugger up the economy and destroy traditional food production? My guess is that it’s the last of these. After all, as I keep saying, nothing is now happening by accident and there are no coincidences. The conspirators are getting closer to total control.

3. The EU is planning to force member nations to put charging stations for electric vehicles every 60 kilometres by the year 2026. And there must be hydrogen refuelling stations every 200 km by 2031. Oh and electricity generation must be increased (somehow) to make sure that there is enough electricity to feed the cars as well as providing enough juice for a couple of 40 watt light-bulbs and the occasional cooker. Oh, and there must be lots more electric cars made even though the International Energy Agency estimates that a typical EV requires six times the amount of mineral as an ordinary car. This becomes a bit of a worry when you realise that three of the world’s five leading producers of rare earths are in China which at the time of writing isn’t yet in Eurovision let alone the EU. While they’re at it why don’t they introduce a law forcing EU bureaucrats to have their skulls scanned to make sure that there is a brain inside? Still, you and I know that the real plan is to stop people travelling anywhere so all these recommendations are just pie in the sky. When we are all jailed in our 15 minute cities we won’t be able to go anywhere.

4. In Germany the citizens who are worried about keeping warm when the new daft approved’ heaters become essential are rushing to install gas boilers, carefully picking out models which have a long life. And you will be surprised to hear that in the Netherlands, farmers are rebelling at plans to get rid of farms. Meanwhile, net zero campaigners are demanding that tanks and jet fighters must be operated without fossil fuels. This is exciting news since a tank operating on batteries should be able to travel nearly ten feet, and jet fighters operating like gliders might be fairly easy to shoot down. Oh, and Macron and his nutty friends want to introduce a green wealth tax. No one seems to know what this will mean but I like to think it means that only the greens will have to pay it.

5. Around 70% of people aged 20-40 reckon that crypto-currency is a much better investment than shares or bonds or any traditional forms of investment. Fortunately, the people surveyed also said that they didn’t know how to invest in crypto-currencies and hadn’t got any money anyway. Phew, I bet their mums are relieved.

6. If you want to know more about the future we have in store please read my book `They want your money and your life’. If you don’t want to know more about the future they’ve got planned for you, read something by Enid Blyton instead.

7. The Ukraine secret service has used the FBI to ask Twitter to shut down citizens sharing truths and unwelcome news about World War III. Truth is, of course, invariably the major casualty of war. I feel slightly sad that the FBI can’t shut me down because the CIA got there first – three years ago.

8. It has now been revealed that a secret government unit in the UK suppressed free speech throughout the covid hoax. A career civil servant working for the English Government has admitted that the Government’s Counter Disinformation Unit passed information to Facebook and Twitter, etc., to encourage them to take down posts which didn’t fit the official line. It has also been revealed that the BBC attended government meetings at which so-called misinformation was discussed. As we’ve known for years, the BBC is simply the Government’s propaganda unit – a controlled State broadcaster. I doubt if anyone will do anything about this outrageous abuse of our right to free speech. I have been completely banned from YouTube and all social media sites for three years. And publishers and mainstream media have also banned my work. As far as I am concerned I have no more rights, no more free speech, than if I lived in China or North Korea.

9. The sudden media anxiety about tuberculosis is typically exaggerated scaremongering. Tuberculosis has been a serious problem for decades (though the figures have been kept artificially low by officially listing deaths from tuberculosis as deaths from AIDS in order to keep the AIDS figures high). Tuberculosis is increasing in the West (particularly Britain) because it is being carried into countries via immigrants, though naturally no one with a voice on social media would dare say such a thing. Now that it is generally accepted that the threat from AIDS was wildly exaggerated (it was the first attempt to scare the world in covid style) it is clear that the evil authorities are now going to build up tuberculosis as the new scare. My guess is that they’ll fiddle the figures and the AIDS figures will fall dramatically. The problem (inevitably) is that tuberculosis is now often drug resistant. It’s pretty infectious too – particularly in crowded areas such as 15 minute cities.

10. I have been a vehement critic of recycling programmes since they started. They were always nothing more than a compliance programme designed to waste time (so that we are far too busy sorting out our yoghurt cartons and empty pickle jars to take too much notice of the latest laws and regulations designed to take away more of our freedom and privacy) , waste water and train citizens to obey. It has been known for years that most of the carefully sorted material has simply been sent abroad to be dumped or burnt but now there is evidence showing that breaking down plastics for recycling can scatter micro-plastic pollution into the environment. Worse still, research suggests that recycled plastics may contain higher levels of toxic chemicals. Recycling should be abandoned now. I’m proud to say that I have never taken part in any formal recycling programme – they all do more harm than good. All those plastic bins and all those diesel chugging lorries damage the environment enormously.

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