Coronavirus – The Cruel and Dangerous Deceit

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Right at the beginning of the coronavirus affair I pointed out that according to the World Health Organisation, the ordinary flu kills between 250,000 and 600,000 people a year – most of them in the winter months. I said that if the coronavirus hadn’t killed between 100,000 and 150,000 people around the world by the middle of April then it would be clear that it was not as dangerous as we had been told and, indeed, not as dangerous as the flu.

Well, the authorities are claiming that the death rate from the corona has now reached 100,000.

So is the coronavirus as deadly as the mathematicians and the politicians said it was?

No – because they have fiddled the figures.

Today, anyone who has the coronavirus, or is thought to have it even though they have not been tested, will be put down as having died of the coronavirus. Time and time again, the authorities report that someone died `with’ the disease. Not `of’ the disease. And yet those patients are put down as having died as a result of the coronavirus.

So, if you fall downstairs and break your neck, but you had a cough before you died, then you will be classified as a coronavirus death. Honest. I’m not kidding. If you had a heart attack but were thought to have the coronavirus then you officially died of the coronavirus rather than the heart attack. A lack of widespread testing makes this possible. And post mortems have been abandoned for many patients.

As I have previously shown on and in my second YouTube video, this means that the numbers have been wildly exaggerated.

In Italy, it has been established that only around 12% of the people listed as having died of the coronavirus were killed by it. The other 88% almost certainly died of something else. (The Italian Government’s scientific advisor reported that anyone who dies in Italy and who has the coronavirus will be listed as having died of the coronavirus. The National Institute of Health revaluated the death certificates and concluded that only 12% showed a direct causality from the coronavirus. )

And in the UK, Imperial College (which originally forecast that the coronavirus would kill 500,000 people) has admitted that two thirds of the people who have been listed as having died of the coronavirus would have died anyway – of something else.

I have no doubt that the figures have been distorted in the same way in other countries.

So the total worldwide number of deaths from the coronavirus is, at most, probably between a quarter and a third of the alleged current total – that is it may be between 25,000 and 33,000 but is probably considerably lower.

And that makes the coronavirus far less deadly than a mild strain of the flu. It is certainly absurd to compare it to the plague as has frequently been done by hysterical commentators. The plague killed 40% of the population when it swept through Europe. And to compare the coronavirus to the Second World War is an insult to those soldiers and civilians who lived through those terrible years.

Fiddling the figures is the final, cruel deceit – to sustain the fear.

Meanwhile, it is now widely acknowledged that, as I wrote some time ago on (here on ) the number of people who have died as a direct result of the restrictions brought in by governments will far exceed the number of people who will die as a result of the coronavirus.

The British Government has now admitted that the side effects of the `cure’ (the lock-downs and so on) will result in 150,000 unnecessary deaths. (Regular readers will remember that on 30th March I suggested on that the unnecessary death figure would be 100,000 to 250,000.) No one is now suggesting that there will be anywhere near that number of deaths from the coronavirus in the UK.

A senior NHS official has expressed `concern’ that sick children are not being treated because of the coronavirus `cure’.

And the United Nations estimates that worldwide 25 million jobs will be lost as a result of the coronavirus. Some claim the figure could be as high as 190 million. Actually, virtually no jobs will be lost because of the virus. It’s the lockdowns which will cause the job losses. Once again, I predicted that this would happen weeks ago.

Every fact I have provided has been absolutely accurate. Every prediction I’ve made has been proven accurate.

So why don’t the authorities admit that they got it wrong?

Even if they wanted to do so the scientists, the politicians and the media are now wedded to this deceit. Even if they wanted to, how could they possibly admit that they got it all so very, very wrong?

But there is another danger that no one seems to have noticed.

By exaggerating the number of deaths the authorities are endangering us all. You cannot investigate a disease when you don’t keep proper records. As the weeks pass by we should be able to learn a good deal about this coronavirus. But we won’t be able to do any useful research because we don’t know who really died from it and who died from something else. We can’t work out whether the disease mostly affects people who are meat eaters, or who have been vaccinated against the flu or who have red hair because the information we have is inaccurate and useless. For example, I have spotted that this disease seems to affect Asians a good deal. Is that observation supported by the facts?

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 13th 2020

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P.P.S. If the authorities allow this website to remain on the internet (attempts have already been made to shunt www.vernoncoleman. com into the internet Siberia and I have been the victim of a sustained campaign of lies, misinformation and plain old-fashioned abuse) I intend to provide my analysis of how the world is going to look when this exaggerated fiasco finally comes to an end. Whether you believe in the conspiracy theory or the cock-up theory, the one certainty is that our world will change and it will change permanently. I’ll be looking at how the coronavirus will affect our lives in the future. Since I have been absolutely correct about the coronavirus so far you might find the conclusions interesting…

P.P.P.S. I’ve heard from a doctor in Australia who is asking colleagues to help find out if the coronavirus is more (or less) likely to affect those individuals who were vaccinated against the flu. We’ll never be able to answer that question because we don’t really know which of the coronavirus `victims’ died of the coronavirus and which died of something else.

P.P.P.S. As I write, The Spectator magazine has reported Matt Hancock saying that the NHS has 2,295 empty intensive care beds. The average number of empty intensive care beds before the coronavirus `crisis’ was 800. So, the NHS has 1,495 more empty intensive care beds during the coronavirus `crisis’ than it had before the so-called `crisis’ began. The Financial Times has apparently reported that almost half the beds in some English hospitals are lying empty. It is clearly not true that the NHS is overrun. Hancock, the Health Secretary, should resign.