Thereís Going to be a War: The Crusades Mark II

Vernon Coleman

The terrible attack in New Zealand has shocked and startled. It shouldnít have done. It is, I fear, just another warning sign that the Crusades Mark II are about to begin.

And, like the original Crusades, this is a War which has originated in Europe: as a result of EU policies.

The global reach of social media means that the fear and anger which the EU has deliberately provoked has spread throughout the world.

Twenty years ago, in a book entitled England Our England, I predicted that the EUís policies on immigration, together with its determination to create a United States of Europe, would lead to a massive upsurge in nationalism and racism.

It was all oh so inevitable.

Remainers donít understand what is happening because they are either ignorant, or commercially involved with the EU, but Iím afraid that the main cause of the coming War will be the European Union.

Right from the start, the EUís plan has always been to create a single European country with a single currency, a single army, a single flag and an unelected band of bureaucratic leaders. Back in the 1940s, Walther Funk, Hitlerís economics advisor, recognised that creating the euro before a single state would create problems. He warned that much nationalism would have to be dealt with Ė with popular uprisings resulting as people fought to defend their nationís sovereignty. And things have turned out exactly as he forecast.

Forcing sovereign countries to accept one anotherís citizens, without limitations, was always part of the plan. The underlying idea was that this would destroy nationalism and make it easier to create a single European nation. Oh, there was talk of helping nations bring down their average age and so on, but the basic reason for encouraging mass immigration was political.

Unfortunately, neither the Nazis nor the current bunch of eurocrats, realised just how badly their plans would misfire.

The problem has been that most of the citizens who have taken advantage of the free movement have been Muslims who have poured into Christian countries as far away as the United Kingdom.

And the Muslims who have moved have taken with them their culture. With obvious metropolitan exceptions, they have not wanted to become part of local communities. They have retained their religion, their language, their dress and every aspect of their traditional life. Many have shown no interest in the local culture. Indeed, they have defiantly insisted that locals should adapt their way of their life to fit the requirements of the Muslim world.

This has exacerbated the fears of local communities throughout Europe.

And things have been made worse because the authorities (politicians, police and so on) have been so terrified of being accused of some form of racism or political incorrectness that they have done nothing even when crimes have been committed. Flabby, liberal Western leaders have proved themselves soft, accepting and supine.

The inevitable result has been a massive increase of nationalism and racism.

And it is going to get a good deal worse.

All over Europe, nationalism (usually in the guise of populism) is on the rise.

In Britain, the Remainers who have fought so hard for the EU (the purposes of which they do not begin to comprehend), have further exacerbated the situation.

And things are going to get worse.

And worse and worse.

Thereís going to be a War. But it wonít be a modern, traditional War with countries fighting for territory.

It will be a religious War.

It will be the Crusades Mark II.

And unless the EU is killed there will be no stopping it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 16th 2019