Curing Cancer

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Doctors treating patients with cancer claim that the immune system of the human body is the most powerful weapon in the fight against the disease.

I’m delighted to hear it.

The paragraph below is taken from my book How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You – published in 1996.

‘Cancer is not a specific disease. Removing the lumps and tumours of a cancer does nothing towards attacking the source and cause of the cancer. One of the reasons why cancer develops is that the body's immune system has broken down. In order to tackle cancer effectively the immune system must be encouraged to fight the cancer. The body must be given a chance to tackle the problem which has, after all, been created by its own cells. When a cancer recurs it isn't necessarily because the surgeon, the radiotherapist or the physician prescribing the chemotherapy has failed to kill all the cancer cells but because nothing in the body has changed. The circumstances which led to the development of a first cancer can just as easily lead to the development of a second cancer. The body is simply vulnerable to cancer.’

You will not be surprised to hear the book was viciously attacked by the medical establishment.

And when I launched a website designed to help people tackle cancer through their immune systems, the site was hammered out of existence by one of the big cancer charities and the Daily Mirror.

It’s good to know that the medical profession is slowly catching up with the book.

Extract taken from How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You by Vernon Coleman (1996) which is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.

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