Challenge to Dame Sally Davies on Vaccination

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The Government’s Chief Medical Officer (described by the BBC as `Britain’s top doctor’) has fiercely criticised those who dispute the value of vaccination.

She says vaccinations are safe and she seems to believe they are effective.

I disagree.

And I firmly believe that the scientific facts support my contention that vaccines are dangerous and ineffective.

The problem is that there is no-one who believes in vaccination who will debate the issue.

I have many times challenged doctors who believe in vaccination to debate with me.

In the beginning, the challenge was accepted but since those days it has been regularly refused.

So here, once again, is a challenge.

This time it is a challenge aimed directly at Dame Sally Davies.

`If you believe so vehemently that vaccines are safe and effective, will you debate the issue with me – live on television and radio?’

If Dame Sally Davies genuinely believes what she is saying then why would she not welcome a chance to debate with me – and to destroy me and my arguments?

Sadly, the fact is that it is easy to make a stand when you have the Government, the medical establishment, the media and the pharmaceutical industry standing four-square behind you.

But it is difficult to defend that stance when the scientific facts and the medical evidence are arraigned against you.

And so, sadly, I very much doubt if Dame Sally will accept my challenge.

If the evidence against vaccination is aired then the Government can never again claim that vaccines are safe and effective.

And that wouldn’t do, would it?

Note to readers: Please pass this challenge on to your newspaper and to your local TV or radio station. And make it known on `social media’. I will ONLY debate with the Government’s Chief Medical Officer. She always seems happy to make media pronouncements so it is surely fair that she be expected to defend her view personally.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2018

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