In Future No One Will Dare Speak Out

Dr Vernon Coleman

The BBC and England’s medical advisor Whitty have accidentally told the truth.

They say that in future no one will dare speak out when there are health crises.

And they are right, of course.

Doctors who dared to tell the truth about the fake covid pandemic, and who argued that the covid-19 vaccines weren’t safe or effective, will be too frightened to speak up next time. And other doctors will keep quiet too.

People like Whitty will always speak out, of course.

They’re paid to say what they say.

But truth-tellers are not paid. They speak out because they feel they must – and have an ethical responsibility to share the truth.

The last three years have shown the world just how dangerous it is to tell the truth.

Practising doctors were struck off the medical register for daring to speak out. Some have still not had their licences returned.

My career, reputation and income were systematically ruined because I spoke out.

While doctors made a fortune out of giving a vaccine that didn’t do what they said it would do – and wasn’t safe – I was destroyed for telling the truth and warning people that the vaccine didn’t do what they said it would do, and wasn’t safe.

If you want to know the truth about the fake covid pandemic and Agenda 21 please read my book `Endgame’ which is available on Amazon. My book `Coming Apocalypse’, which described the early days of the scam, was published in April 2020.

NB. I realise that when he spoke to the pointless and expensive covid inquiry, Whitty was really moaning about the fact that he and a few of his colleagues suffered a little during the pandemic. If they had suffered 1000th as much as those of us who told the truth they would really have reason to complain.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023