Deadly Deception Exposed!

Dr Vernon Coleman

I read several books a week, and have done for decades, but it’s a long time since I came across a book that made as big an impact on me as `Deadly Deception Exposed!’

It’s 765 pages long and packed with material that fairly sizzles on the page.

Contributors include Dr Paul Craig Roberts, James Corbett, Jerry Day, John Remington Graham, Dr Gideon Polya and Dr Reiner Fuellmich but the most exciting essays come from Soren Roest Korsgaard.

Mr Korsgaard is a social critic, humanitarian and author who runs a publishing company with the aim of challenging dangerous and false dogmas.

`Deadly Deception Exposed!’ lives up to the title and is promoted as `The most dangerous book ever published’.

You only have to look at the titles of Mr Korsgaard’s essays to understand his concerns. These include: `One World Digital Dictatorship’, `Public Enemy Number One: Government, not Drugs!’, `The Fluoride-Induced American Holocaust Continues Unabated’ and `The Future of Life in a Digital Gulag’.

Mr Korsgaard warns that `it is likely that we will end up in a digital prison’ and that if we do `it might be too late to resist’.

And he points out: `if voting could transform society it would have been made illegal’.

`Deadly Deception Exposed’ also contains valuable essays about Bill Gates, legal challenges, mainstream media censorship and self-censorship in pre-police state Australia.

There are, in all, 78 essays in this book with seven prominent social critics questioning everything from government authority to covid-19.

It’s a book which should be read by everyone interested in freedom, independence and truth.

Deadly Deception Exposed is available from the publishers at

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2022