A Deadly Menace

Friends of mine lost a pet sheep recently when it accidentally ate the remains of one of those wretched Chinese lanterns. The poor sheep experienced a very painful and hideous death. A death that no innocent animal should ever have to experience.

These Chinese lanterns are all the rage these days and since they are so cheap to buy, people release them at every opportunity: weddings, birthdays, festivals and barbecues. There are two main dangers. First, of course, the consequences when a lantern crash lands (they all do eventually) and leaves debris in a garden or field for animals to eat and swallow Ė often with fatal results. Second, since the damn things carry a flame, they can, and do, set fire to buildings and dry woodland. Anyone who lets off one of these lanterns is extremely selfish and very stupid.

Incidentally, I donít believe thereís any such thing as an environmentally friendly Chinese lantern. Every single one is a deadly menace, as is everyone who releases one.

Germany, Australia and parts of New Zealand have banned them. Our politicians are always quick to ban and regulate things that donít need banning or regulating. How much longer do we have to wait on something which does need banning.

(Please print out this article and send it to everyone you know. Also, give copies to shopkeepers who sell Chinese lanterns in their shops).

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2011