Dear Theresa May…

Vernon Coleman

You have, by my reckoning, told Parliament 108 times that Britain will leave the EU on 29th March.

This means that if we don’t leave on the 29th March you will have lied to Parliament 108 times.

Ministers used to resign in disgrace if they lied just once.

But Remainers, as we know, have no sense of shame, dignity or respect. And it seems that you don’t even appear to know the meaning of words such as `honour’ or `integrity’.

A majority of people in Britain voted to leave the EU.

Your responsibility as Prime Minister was to do as you were asked and to arrange a speedy departure from the world’s most fascist organisation.

You have failed dismally in that fairly simple task.

You have bent over backwards to meet the requirements of the Remainers.

(Would you have bent over backwards to satisfy the requirements of the Leavers if the Remainers had won the Referendum? I suspect not. )

You have either handled the negotiations dishonestly or incompetently. I don’t know which (though I have long suspected the former) and I really no longer care for it makes no difference to the end result. You have never shown any confidence in your nation. You have made it abundantly clear that your loyalty to the Remain cause far outweighs your loyalty to your country. Where was your pride and your patriotism? Your driving forces have been cowardice and appeasement. You bent a knee before the eurocrats and in doing so demeaned us as a nation. What now do you believe Nelson and Wellington would think of your pathetic efforts? Men and women died to defend this country against Napoleon and against the Germans (twice). We have saved France from Nazi rule, Ireland from bankruptcy and at one time or another we have defended most other European countries. The EU’s servants (paid for still, in part, by British taxpayers) have responded with threats and sneers.

Mrs May, you are an utter failure as a Prime Minister. You are a disgrace to the nation. You have shamelessly betrayed the electors; you have destroyed your party; you have failed in every conceivable way. You have made Britain a laughing stock. You have cost taxpayers billions. You have damaged every business in the country. You have made life difficult for every man, woman and child. You have made a crisis out of a simple, democratic decision.

It is no exaggeration to say that you should be regarded as a traitor. I suspect that is how history will see you.

Your only success has been as a liar.

Lying is a trick for which politicians are renowned.

You have proved yourself the best liar – better even than Tony Blair.

Resign now and slink away from public life.

I suspect that one of those big American banks will have a nice, well-paid job waiting for you. Perhaps Goldman Sachs will find you a nice consultancy post. (You will know, of course, that the unspeakably evil Goldman Sachs, so beloved by all Remainers, has made a fortune out of the EU. It was Goldman Sachs which got Greece into a mess. Goldman Sachs wants Britain to remain in the EU so that we continue to pump billions into the EU’s coffers. Keep us in the EU and you will be a shoe-in for one of those nice £1,000,000 a year consultancy jobs so much enjoyed by politicians these days.)

But I can guarantee that you will never be forgotten.

You have carved yourself a niche as the worst, most disloyal, most craven Prime Minister Britain ever had.

Yours sincerely

Vernon Coleman

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019