Debunking the Biggest Lies They Tell

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

In the UK a Tory MP called Tobias Ellwood is reported to have called for the army to oversee the rollout of the covid vaccine which he says is just six months away.

No I haven’t heard of him either though I think one of the Blues Brothers was called Ellwood.

I don’t know how Toby knows this since the last I heard the companies making the damned vaccines were still having a little trouble making something that didn’t turn out to be more deadly than drain cleaner.

Untroubled by this, Ellwood is quoted as saying that he wants those vaccinated to be given certificates to allow them to travel.

If you want to comment by the way his website is and there’s a convenient little form there for you to use. Sending a comment to his constituency party might be helpful too. Oh, and pop along something to Boris Johnson to let him know your views.

The lies, deceits and confusions about the coronavirus and covid-19 continue to astonish, bewilder and appal those of us struggling to keep up with the way governments around the world have created a 21st century version of the plague.

Here’s a wonderful piece of nonsense from the BBC website.

The headline is `Covid: The second wave is here – but how bad will it be?

Scroll down the story and you find that it says that the R number may have actually fallen.

The story also says that Vallance, the GSK shareholder, suggested that there could be 50,000 cases a day by mid October.

And what does our intrepid BBC writer have to say?

He says, `it is already clear we are not on that trajectory’.

And he goes on to add that, `the past few days show the numbers of people being admitted to hospital have dropped in England and Northern Ireland.’

So there you are.

That’s the BBC’s second wave.

The R number has fallen and so has the number of people being admitted to hospital.

Britain’s current lockdown strategy appears to have been based on Vallance’s graph. But this is a man who worked for a vaccine manufacturer for years and who still has shares in that vaccine manufacturer. How many people, I wonder, will worry that if the numbers do rise then there will have been a little juggling going on? Just asking a question.

I have never in my life felt quite as desolate or as despairing as I feel now. But my desolation and my despair have transmogrified, without the help of Bill Gates or Elon Musk, into pure and righteous anger. I suspect millions feel the same way.

Politicians and their advisors have developed skills at misrepresenting truths and enthusiastically presenting half-truths as reality which must be envied by estate agents and even the BBC. The psyop specialists know that confused people become easily frightened and susceptible – and far less likely to be sceptical.

One of the latest bits of trickery is to suggest that there is a condition called ‘long covid’ – the symptoms of which are tiredness which lasts long after the main symptoms have gone. This may well be true. But it’s been known for as long as I can remember that the ordinary flu can cause exactly the same problem. This isn’t something which is exclusive to covid-19. That’s more bollocks.

We are told that covid-19 is a killer disease that threatens our civilisation and must be treated as being far more serious than anything seen for centuries. The police are using the new laws to act like a rampaging occupying force – forcing their way into private homes to make sure friends aren’t meeting for a chat.

This is clearly nonsense.

Where is the science behind any of these rules? Where is the science behind the rule of six, for example? Why can’t seven children (unlikely to suffer any symptoms) feed the ducks while 30 elderly men (far more likely to become ill) are allowed to gang together and shoot them?

Covid-19 is, at most, at level 2 of the 5 level pandemic plan developed by the American health authorities. The only action recommended for level 2 infections is the voluntary isolation of sick people. Masks, school closures, contact tracing, lockdowns, vaccinations and distancing rules are not recommended. And in the UK, of course, the disease was officially downgraded to flu level in March 2020 – a downgrade which I reported but which virtually the entire national press regarded as irrelevant.

We are told that doctors everywhere are concerned about the impact covid-19 will have on the world’s population.

This too is bollocks. Now that Dr Crippen has passed on to a better world I really can’t find anyone to agree with the Government’s advisors.

I have searched and searched and the only doctors I can find who believe that covid-19 is a serious threat seem to be ones who have links to drug companies, or vaccine companies or who have links with Bill Gates.

On the other hand, I can find a gazillion eminent doctors who now agree that the coronavirus is nothing more than a fairly standard, annual virus: a nuisance that needs to be taken seriously but which never needed panic or hysteria. Incidentally, I know many don’t believe viruses exist. I know all about exosomes. But for now the important thing is what they’re doing to us. The reason, the excuse, can be sorted out later. For now it doesn’t matter if it’s a virus, an exosome, a sausage roll or nothing at all.

Professor Ioannidis of Stanford, described covid-19 as a widespread and mild disease comparable to influenza. Also of Stanford, Professor Atlas described covid-19 as generally mild and said there was no reason for extensive testing.

Dr Chris Whitty, the British chief medical officer, remember him, originally said that covid-19 posed no danger to the vast majority and said that most people do not fall ill, or only mildly, and that those who are seriously ill have a good chance of recovery. I wonder why he changed his mind.

Professor Karol Sikora said that fear will kill a lot more people than the virus. Professor Lass, former director general of Israel’s Ministry of Health said that the lockdown measures had been totally disproportionate and a threat to hundreds of millions. Professor Gupta of Oxford University, argued that covid-19 was likely to result in a death rate of less than 0.1% - a flu level danger. Leading German virologist Professor Streeck criticised the use of masks, which he said were a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and fungi and criticised the lockdowns. A leaked German Ministry paper described covid-19 as a global false alarm. Profesor Puschel, of Hamburg, has emphasised that the danger of covid-19 has been too much influenced by media messages and that covid-19 is not a killer. He pointed out that a lockdown was exactly the wrong thing to do since the lack of exercise can causes thrombosis. Indeed, blood clots have been a major problem among both those with and without the virus. And so on and on – literally hundreds of experts have said the same thing: Covid-19 is not a major threat and the actions taken have been inappropriate, disproportionate and dangerous.

Dr Mike Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Advisor to Pfizer, a drug company, is reported as saying that `there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen’. He allegedly said that half or even almost all tests for covid are false positives and he concluded that any second wave of covid and any government case for lockdowns will be entirely manufactured.

Next, it is said that immunity in people who have had covid-19 is short-lived and that people who have had the disease can catch it again. This argument has been used by those who believe that vaccinations need to be given repeatedly. This apparently bizarre idea seems to be based on the claim that 290 people in South Korea appeared to have caught the disease twice. However, all 290 were false positive test results caused by non-infectious virus fragments.

Talking of testing, by the way, many patients are now refusing to have the test done because of the dangers. One woman who desperately needs an operation was told that she couldn’t have the operation she needed until she had the test done. She refused both. I’m not sure that hospitals have the legal right to do that but I expect the courts will sort these things out in due course – hopefully not too late.

The patient had probably seen that in Iowa in America a woman in her 40s started leaking cerebrospinal fluid from her nose after a swab test for covid-19. The nasopharyngeal swab which was used – effectively a very long cotton bud – made a hole which released the vital fluid. That was always going to happen and was absolutely no surprise. These days governments are so short of trained staff that they’re probably hiring shoe shop sales persons and tree surgeons to do the tests. Chimney sweeps would probably be safer – all that experience shoving brushes up chimneys would be enormously appropriate and very helpful.

Why anyone would accept a nasopharyngeal swab is beyond me. If anyone wants to shove a long cotton bud up inches up your nose threaten to sue them personally if they do any damage. If I were forced to consent to a test I would request one of the less intrusive tests such as a saliva test.

The tests, of course, are pointless as well as potentially harmful. It would make as much sense to insist that everyone had a daily TB test or a test for syphilis. Or maybe a test for athlete’s foot. Or an algebra test. Or they could get people to look at those little puzzles where there are two pictures and you have to spot the differences. You know the sort of thing…in one picture the man has a beard but in the other picture he only has a moustache. That would be just as good a test for covid-19 as the one where they stick a king sized cotton bud up into your brain.

It is said that covid-19 can kill or endanger children. It has been reported that as a result of covid-19, children are falling ill with Kawasaki disease. However, the facts show that fewer, not more Kawasaki cases have been reported – possibly because the closure of medical services. The evidence shows that children hardly ever get covid-19 and do not, or hardly ever transmit the disease. There was never any need to shut down schools. Countries which reopened schools in May saw no increase in cases of infection. Sweden never closed primary schools and had no problems. One recommendation, from a paper which suggested that children were a risk, was withdrawn because of errors.

As a matter of interest, the ordinary flu can affect and kill children. The evidence I have seen strongly suggests to me that the physical and psychological risks to children in going to school under the proposed plans are going to be far greater than the risks of covid-19.

I am far more concerned about the fact that mobile phone masts are said to be springing up near and next to schools. I first wrote about the danger of mobile phone masts in the 1990s and then in a book called 'Superbody', and this is a very real worry. As you know masts have changed and become even more hazardous than they were. Unbelievably, wifi has been installed in schools. Mustard gas pumped through the light fittings would probably be safer.

Whatever happens in schools will, of course, be blamed on the coronavirus. I have to confess that if I were responsible for a child’s life and safety I would be enormously reluctant to send them into a school these days. But that’s just me. I’ve grown a tad sceptical about the intentions of our leaders.

I can’t imagine why.

It is frequently argued that Sweden, which had no lockdown and no mask requirements, has had a very high death rate. If anyone in the media were interested in the facts they would see that the average age of Swedish citizens who died was 86, and the great majority of deaths occurred in care homes and nursing homes. The mortality level in Sweden remained below a bad flu season. The Swedish people now seem to have high, natural immunity.

Fact checkers around the world might like to look at the Imperial College projections, which were alarming, and the actual death rate which was not.

All this sounds a trifle on the gloomy side but there are reasons to celebrate.

More and more British voters are showing signs of impatience with Boris and Matt, better known now as Doris Johnson and Madge Hancock, crap polishers to the world’s billionaires. Their motto, I’m pleased to report is: `You shit, we shine!’

Many may not share my views about the reasons behind the fraud but in practice that doesn’t really matter. Hopefully we will soon see elected officials speaking out in defence of the communities for which they are responsible. All they have to do is look at the published statistics. There is no reason for the lockdowns.

Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson, better known as the Three Stooges, are as reliable as a 1935 year old Ford Smegma struggling to chug its way up Mount Everest with a flat battery.

Meanwhile, there is something you can do that will help enormously.

The next time a radio station has a phone in, ring up, tell them you are not an anti-vaxxer (or they will not let you on air) and then ask a question about vaccines and vaccination based on the fact lists on my website.

You’ll have fun embarrassing the programme host – and listening to him squirm.

Get your pals to ring up and do the same thing.

And let’s get to the point where no radio show host in the country dare answer a phone call in case he ends up being vividly embarrassed.

This isn’t just a pleasant bit of light entertainment – it will also help educate people who might otherwise think that Madge Hancock knows what she’s doing.

So please think of that as your project for the next couple of days. Don’t let me down or I’ll be round to your place with a box of king-sized cotton buds and a sledge hammer to get them into position.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 3rd 2020

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