The House of Lords Will Decide Our Future

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

‘My faith in the people governing us is, on the whole, infinitesimal; my faith in The People governed is, on the whole, illimitable.’ – Charles Dickens

The British people want to leave the EU.

But their wish is likely to be thwarted by the House of Lords.

The House of Lords used to be packed with buffoons whose ancestors had allowed their wives to spread their legs for a king.

Greedy idiots bearing absurd titles handed down for ‘favours’ to some monarch or other were entitled to over-rule the elected parliamentarians in the House of Commons.

The Labour party wanted to get rid of the House of Lords.

Instead, the damned place is now packed with buffoons who sucked up to Tony Blair.

When the appalling John Prescott ‘retired’ we thought we’d seen the last of him.

No such luck.

Baron Prescott is now sitting in the Lords.

When the appalling David Blunkett ‘retired’ we thought he’d gone for ever.

No such luck.

Baron Blunkett is now sitting in the Lords.

And on and on it goes.

The House of Lords is packed with Blair’s pals.

Many of them were politicians who attacked the House of Lords but who now happily stick their noses in the trough and suck up lovely fees and expenses.

The Lords will have the final say on whether or not we leave the European Union. And if we do manage to leave, they will have the final say on the terms.



We need a new Oliver Cromwell.

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