Itís Terrifying to Look at the Men and Women Who Will Decide Our Future

Vernon Coleman

Iíve been looking at some of the MPs who have voted Remain.

So, for example, Nick Boles MP voted Remain.

On 16th March he resigned from his local Conservative Association after he rejected leaving the EU with `no dealí.

The constituency he represented in Parliament voted massively to leave the EU.

What else do we know about Mr Boles?

Well, he is gay and claimed £678.80 in Parliamentary expenses for Hebrew lessons so that he could talk to his gay partner.

After public criticism, he donated the amount spent on lessons to local charities.

I donít know why he just didnít give it back to taxpayers Ė from whence it came.

In the real world, wouldnít it be considered just a teensy weensy bit improper to expect your employer to pay for language lessons required for chatting to your boyfriend?

Actually, how could anyone think it acceptable?

Maybe thatís whatís wrong with MPs in particular and Remainers in general. I have long suspected that 90% of Remainers are people without jobs or people working for large institutions such as Government departments which offer security in exchange for freedom.

Iím afraid I really donít understand the Boles way of looking at things.

Wouldnít an honourable man have given up his seat instead of merely resigning from his local Conservative Association?

(I write as someone who has twice resigned from well-paid jobs as a matter of principle.)

Iím afraid I donít understand MPs at all anymore.

This week theyíve been lining up to praise Theresa May for her dignity and sense of duty.

Maybe thereís another woman called Theresa May in Parliament.

The scary thing is that Boles and colleagues such as David `Mastermindí Lammy in the House of Commons will decide our future for the next gazillion years.

Does that terrify you as much as it terrifies me?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

P.S. 1: Let the Remainers have a Second Referendum. Theyíll lose that one too.

P.S. 2: To see what life will be like in 2025 if the Remainers have their evil way with us, read my novel Revolt. Itís available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. Nigel Farage liked it.