Why We Should Declare War on the EU

Vernon Coleman

Like all truly fascist organisations, the EU helps the rich and punishes the poor; it protects big industry and doesnít give a damn about people.

Indeed, the EU kills people.

For example, in Europe last year, 257,000 people were listed as having died as a result of air pollution. What did the EU do about that? It made things worse by encouraging the manufacture of diesel cars to support the German automobile industry. (For more examples of how the EU kills people see my article imaginatively entitled How the EU Kills People.)

The EU, the organisation which imposed VAT upon us without so much as a by your leave and which now wants to eradicate nationalism, culture, independence and freedom is an organisation which is run by a mixture of unelected fools, drunks, crooks and freeloaders.

In the UK, the EU is supported most enthusiastically by those who have been employed by it and who are now comfortably ensconced in first class compartments on the EU gravy train Ė with magnificent pensions due to them. In this category, we can put the many malodorous buffoons who have previously worked for the EU (and are therefore entitled to massively generous pensions). These EU-lovers donít spend a lot of time reminding us all of their financial links with the EU.

The rest of the EUís support comes largely from tax avoiders, tax exiles, foreigners, traitors and the intellectually deprived.

Britain is the most important country in the European Union.

Look at a list of the worldís great inventions.

The number of British inventors on the list is far, far longer than a list compiled of citizens from all other European countries. What have the French ever invented except a few smelly, lethal cheeses? And what have the Germans given the world except sauerkraut and the goose-step?

And now, to our shame, we sit demurely by and allow the French, the Germans and even the Poles, damn it, make demands upon us. Even a damned Luxembourger thinks he can tell us what we can and cannot do!

We saved the bloody Poles from Germany in 1939.

Have these wretched, rude and ungrateful people no sense of gratitude? What have the Poles ever given the world except a good many plumbers and a language that looks like misprints?

If we had a Government worth its salt, we would now not be negotiating our release from the EUís clutches but simply announcing our imminent departure.

Why waste time debating, arguing and pleading with such ungrateful bastards?

We should wave two Agincourt fingers at the EU and tell the sniffy little cretins who run it that if they donít roll over and let us leave as planned, we will leave now, immediately and without further do.

And we will not pay them one penny to leave their damned silly fascist organisation. Thanks to the cheaply bought Edward Heath, we have paid out billions to be members of a club no one in their right mind would want to join.

We should tell the EU fascists that unless they roll over quickly we will close down the Channel Tunnel, introduce an Embargo on all EU products (including German cars, French cheese and whatever the Italians are struggling to make this week) and repatriate all foreign EU citizens currently living in the UK (most of whom only came for our free money, houses, benefits and health care).

If the eurocrats object to our simple deal we should declare war on the EU.

The whole business would be over in days.

We have beaten the Germans twice in the last hundred years and they have no stomach for a third thrashing.

The Italians always run around in circles getting absolutely nowhere if they are under threat.

The Poles are plumbers not fighters.

The Spanish are pathetic whingers who are too busy fighting among themselves. And they donít fight in the afternoons.

And the French all carry a white flag in their pockets so that they can surrender within moments of any conflict starting.

Our war with the EU would be over in days; a week at most.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2.11.17