`Demented Celeb Wanted for Photo Opportunity’

Vernon Coleman

Every time I open a paper these days there is a snap of a celebrity with their arm around a demented friend – who is always another celebrity.

The demented celebrity usually has that puzzled, vacant look in their eyes and they clearly don’t realise why they are being photographed. I would guess that they don’t realise that they are being used as photo-fodder to help sell a book, a TV programme or a film.

Am I the only one to find this modern trend for using the demented as publicity fodder a distinctly cruel, selfish and distasteful abuse of the mentally ill?

I expect to see the headline at the top of this piece appearing on social media very soon. Some desperate Z list celebrity will be searching for a demented celebrity to stand beside him or her while posing for a selfie.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019