The Day Democracy Died

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

So, Germany has won World War II at last.

And the EU referendum was a complete waste of time, money, effort, energy and hope.

Three bloody judges have, at the behest of a group led by a woman called Miller who was born in Guyana have overruled the British people and a promise made by their democratically elected Government.

The deal over the referendum was a long standing promise that the Government would let the people speak.

Our democratically elected Government promised that if the people voted to leave the EU then it would take action immediately.

That was the deal. Parliament rightly handed this decision back to the people.

But whingeing Remainers (largely driven by entirely selfish motives) have complained endlessly about the majority decision.

(They would not, of course, have complained if they’d won.)

And Ms Miller, who is a member of the finance industry (the one group which is most likely to suffer if Britain leaves the EU) has persuaded three judges (whom history will surely describe as traitors to Britain and its electorate) to overrule the will of the British people.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), one of the judges, Baron Thomas, was a founder member of an organisation which works towards European integration of the law. Why he did not excuse himself from this case is beyond my comprehension.

This has to be the saddest day in Britain’s history. We might as well have rolled over in 1939. All the lives lost in World War II were wasted.

It is now well established that the EU was founded by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Hitler and fellow Nazis designed and planned the United States of Europe.

And it is clear that, just as Hitler planned, Germany now dominates the EU.

Does anyone in the world doubt that Merkel runs the EU?

It was, for example, Merkel who demanded that other EU countries accept millions of economic immigrants. (Please, let us stop calling them ‘refugees’.)

I wonder, incidentally, if everyone involved in this case (some of them are said to be Jewish) understands the background to the EU.

Unless this week’s appalling decision is overthrown by the Supreme Court (I don’t hold out much hope) then there is no doubt that our chances of leaving the EU will be dramatically reduced for the judgement puts the final decision in the hands of unelected members of the House of Lords.

If MPs and peers vote against our leaving the EU then democracy in Britain will truly be at an end.

Our only hope is that all Tory MPs are forced to vote to support the public – and that the Government fills the House of Lords with Brexiteers.

Otherwise, Britain will be permanently fucked.

Meanwhile, I believe that the uncertainty triggered by a bunch of Remainers led by a woman born in Guyana will destroy Britain’s delicately poised economy.

And toxic Remainers will, of course, unfairly blame every resulting problem on the Brexiteers.

It is ironic that the overthrow of the British Government, and the judiciary’s dismissal of the will of the British people, took place just two days before Guy Fawke’s Day.

It is time for a bloodless revolution!

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016

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