Democracy is Dead

Vernon Coleman

The new so-called `Independent Group’ of MPs who have fled the parties on whose backs they clambered into Parliament, is the ninth political party represented in the House of Commons.

All nine parties pretend to be prepared to honour the Referendum.

And most MPs voted to leave the EU on March 29th.

BUT all nine political parties are now controlled by Remainers.

There are nine parties in the House of Commons and not one of them represents the majority of people in Britain.

Nine parties, nine betrayals.

Cromwell must be turning in his grave.

I suggest you read Bloodless Revolution which explains how we can overcome the party system which has betrayed us.

And if you want to know how our future looks then read Revolt – a futuristic novel exploring life in Britain if we have to stay in the EU.

Both books are by Vernon Coleman and are available on Amazon.

I suggest you read them quickly before they’re banned.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2019