The Real Reason Why Governments and the EU Demonise Plastic

Vernon Coleman

Governments (and the EU) claim that they are demonising plastic (and banning plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic cups and plastic everything else) to save the environment.

If you believe that you will believe anything.

Neither governments nor the EU give a toss about the environment.

In fact, most of the plastic in the sea is there because it has been dumped after being collected for recycling.

(Recycling is, of course, a massive con. Almost everything collected is burnt or dumped. A good deal of it ends up in the sea. Did you really think that individuals threw all those plastic bottles into the sea?)

So why do governments and the EU demonise plastic?


The oil is running out. And plastics are made from oil.

We passed peak oil some time ago.

And when the oil does run out we will be back in the horse and buggy age. There will be no computers, no heating and no lorries.

If you want to find the truth about peak oil (and the very real, serious problems ahead) read my book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change: the End of Oil. It is available as a paperback on Amazon. (It was first published a few years ago under the title Oil Apocalypse but Iíve reprinted it because the message is now more valid than ever.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019