UK TV Presenter Knows More than NHS and WHO about Covid-19 Vaccines

Dr Vernon Coleman

A UK TV presenter called Dermot O’Leary reportedly told viewers that the covid-19 vaccine stops individuals catching covid-19 or passing it on to others.

This must have surprised vaccine experts around the world.

The official NHS view on the covid-19 vaccine is: `We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus.’

But Mr O’Leary apparently knows better.

I doubt if I am the only doctor desperate to hear how Mr O’Leary has acquired information unavailable to experts or the authorities around the world.

I suspect we will be waiting for some considerable time for his explanation.

And viewers will be waiting even long for the apology.

Still, I am sure the world’s fact checkers will leap on Mr O’Leary and draw attention to yet another egregious example of misinformation on main stream media.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 7th 2021