How Greens Are Destroying the Planet

Vernon Coleman

I am fed up with Greens pontificating about the horrors of our world. And then using mobile phones and laptops to send each other messages. They spend much of their time flying around the planet so that they attend conferences where they all agree that ordinary people should not fly anywhere.

The fact is that you canít be green if you use a mobile phone or ever access the internet.

Mobile phones use electricity.

And the servers for the cloud use vast amounts of electricity.

Most electricity is produced by burning things such as coal and oil.

Greens claim that we must stop using coal and oil.

So you canít be `greení if you use a mobile phone.

Unless youíre a hypocrite, of course.

I also dislike the joyless, self-important Greens because they hate poor people. Or maybe they despise them, or just donít care about them. Itís the end result that matters.

And the fact is that greens are unbearably sanctimonious, ignorant, unimaginative, selfish neo-Nazis who hate the poor.

I suspect this is because most of them are liberal, Guardian readers earning good taxpayer money for doing not much work. They have comfy jobs.

But it is the policies they have foisted on the rest of us which have pushed up energy and food costs.

It is directly because of Green policies that tens of thousands of elderly people die of cold or starvation every year.

Bottom line: The loathsome Greens have done far more harm to the planet (and the people on it) than any other political group.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019