How Wikipedia Destroys and Deceives

Dr Vernon Coleman

If you look on my website you will see dozens of rave reviews for the film `Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage Review’.

Here are just a few:

`Poignant, funny and socially relevant.’ – Daily Telegraph

`Funny and poignant.’ – The Times

`Endearing fairy tale quality.’ –Daily Express

`Humour, pathos and sympathy.’ – Alexander Walker, Evening Standard

`…a film you can’t help liking.’ TV Times

`…a little British comedy with a big heart.’ – Financial Times

`Absolutely fab film…Genteel comedy with a subtle social message…amazing job.’ – Guardian Unlimited

`…Already hailed a winner at the Chichester and Cannes film festivals.’ – Western Morning News

And so on and so on.

There is a much bigger selection of fantastic reviews on

(I can say this because I didn’t make the film).

But look at the Wikipedia page for the same film and this is what you see:

`Based on a 1993 novel with the same name by author and conspiracy theorist Vernon Coleman…BBC films awarded the film a one star review, reporting that the film was lacking in laughs and light on radical zeal, this is the kind of unambitious British cinema that should have been pensioned off a long time ago.’

Wikipedia is a disgrace.

Anything associated with my name is deliberately dismissed or sneered at.

Wikipedia is to encyclopaedias what the covid-19 jab is to medicines.

And the thousands of vindictive, prejudiced editors who have turned Wikipedia into a global joke are to journalism what Boris Johnson is to statesmanship and integrity.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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