Together We Can Destroy the EU

Vernon Coleman

Whatever happens on March 29th we have to destroy the EU by teaching the voters just how corrupt, deceitful and downright dirty the EU is Ė and always was.

The EU loves big German companies and hates small British companies. It loves rich people and hates poor people. Thatís exactly how the Nazis designed it.

Together we can destroy the European Union.

Only by destroying the EU can we save Britain and the rest of Europe.

We need to defeat the Germans for a third time.

I believe that if you want to see the EU crushed then you MUST read Zina Cohenís new book entitled The Shocking History of the EU Ė available on Amazon as a paperback and as an eBook. I have absolutely no doubt that if enough people read this book (and talk about it) then the EU will be permanently destroyed. Ms Cohenís book contains the proof that the EU was created by Nazis. She points out, for example, that Walter Hallstein, the first President of the European Commission, had been a Nazi officer who had helped write the original document calling for the elimination of the Jewish race.

The EU has successfully managed to hide its own history Ė and to turn its Nazi background into a conspiracy theory.

A few words of warning: if you do an internet search to look for background information about the EU beware Ė many of the relevant Wikipedia sites have been cleansed of references to the Nazis. (I wonder who did that?) But the information showing that the EU was created by Nazis is there if you keep looking. And Ms Cohenís book contains a valuable bibliography. I have bought all the books she lists, and every claim she makes is absolutely accurate.

But remember: it isnít enough just to read Zina Cohenís book.

Please tell everyone you know to read it too.

All royalties and profits from the sale of this book will be used to distribute copies to business leaders, journalists and politicians throughout Europe and beyond.

Itís not enough to leave the EU. We need to destroy it.

And remember: if Mayís deal goes through on March 29th it will be against the law to criticise the EU and Nina Cohenís book will be illegal.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019