Masks are Destroying the Development of Babies

Dr Vernon Coleman

Right from the start of the massive covid fraud it was patently clear that masks were unnecessary and were, indeed, certain to do far more harm than good.

Indeed, back in the spring of 2020, government advisors around the world all agreed that masks weren’t necessary and were, indeed, nothing more than virtue signalling. And then, without good reason, they suddenly changed their minds.

Back in July 2020, I made a video entitled `Mask Wearers are Collaborators who could destroy us all’. I put it on something called YouTube who removed it after 127,000 people had watched it. The transcript can be seen on

I have made a number of other videos about masks and I’m delighted to say that my book Proof that Face Masks do more harm than good, which is available free on both my websites, has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people. I did try to produce a paperback but the book was banned and withdrawn by one publisher after another. Gosh, what a surprise.

Up until recently, I was mostly concerned with the effect of masks on physical health. There is no doubt that masks increase the risk of pneumonia, and patients who have had cancer are more likely to develop metastases if they wear a mask regularly. The hypoxia induced by wearing a mask makes cancer more likely. Naturally, several thousand fact checker organisations throughout the world – 97% of them probably receiving funds from drug companies, governments and the Bill and Melinda Gates purse – all agree that masks will protect you from flu, bankruptcy, impotence, ear wax and unsightly hair. But fact checkers are, of course, invariably lying through their gold plated teeth and can merrily be ignored by those of us genuinely concerned with facts and checking them. But it is not just adult health which is adversely affected by masks. There is now clear evidence that lockdowns, masks and other absurd regulations have resulted in babies and infants having significantly reduced verbal, motor and over all cognitive performance compared to children born before the fraud. Unborn children are susceptible to genetic and environmental factors which can lead to life-long changes in brain development.

Those absurd TV pictures of actors allegedly dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan in China helped to create fear in pregnant women and, therefore, in their unborn babies. Governments have for eighteen months been deliberately creating fear: fear of dying, fear of poverty, fear of homelessness, fear of infecting and killing granny, fear of breaking the law.

As a result there has been a massive rise in depression and anxiety. This is especially potent and destructive when it affects women carrying babies. Among pregnant women a third show clinical depression while nearly half show real symptoms of anxiety.

These days, when babies are born in hospitals, mothers have to cover their faces as soon as they have given birth and in some countries wear masks while they are giving birth. This is wicked and those responsible are truly evil and ignorant.

When their mother wears a mask, newborn babies don’t see the reassuring, loving, comforting smile of their mother – instead they see a masked face: a blurred image which is frightening and not reassuring.

A paper in the Journal of Neonatal Nursing entitled `The Implications of face masks for babies and families during the covid-19 pandemic’ makes scary reading.

A baby’s brain grows rapidly and gets to half its adult size in three months. By the age of 3 years an infant’s brain is 80% of adult size. Moreover, it is known that brain growth in infants is much affected by the baby’s relationship with the people it sees.

Way back in the 19th century, Charles Darwin said that the ability to read facial expressions has an evolutionary advantage in helping to aid social interactions, reduce misunderstandings and regulate behaviour. Looking at faces helps us to gauge emotions.

We know that babies learn in days to identify their mother’s face and to differentiate between different facial expressions – whether the people they see around them are happy, sad, surprised or whatever.

Face masks stop this.

Masks stop bonding and attachment between a baby and its parents. Masks stop emotional development. Masks stop intelligence developing. And masks stop a baby’s brain growth.

Masks muffle speech (incidentally 5% of people – including children – rely on reading lips and facial expressions, so masks make life very difficult for them). Masks stop communications. Masks stop us feeling safe. Only truly evil people would force mask wearing upon whole populations.

The authorities know damned well that masks do more harm than good.

Just look at what Whitty and Fauci said in the spring of 2020 when they were following the research and the evidence – and masks were described as useless virtue signalling.

Government advisory teams are packed with psychologists and brain washing specialists. They know that masks are destroying us all in many different ways. They know, just as well as I do, that masks do more harm than good. And they know that masks are having an irreversible and potent effect on the development of babies.

As I have said before a great slogan for a T-shirt would be 'Babies need smiles. Take off your mask'.

We need to make more people realise that wearing masks is harming the development of babies and infants. The people who wear masks because they are absolutely terrified that there is a plague-like virus out there are lost. The people we need to reach are the sanctimonious, virtue signalling mask wearers. Their selfishness is permanently damaging the development of babies and infants.

And do you know what is really terrible?

Governments, medical advisors and the medical establishment all know this.

And they don’t care because they know those babies are, in due course, going to be jabbed and killed.

It’s all part of the Great Reset. The New World Order. The greatest crime in the history of mankind.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

Vernon Coleman’s first book about covid is called Coming Apocalypse. It was published in April 2020 and it contains an analysis of how the hoax began – and what was planned.