`Vernon Coleman’s Dictionary of Old English Words and Phrases’

Dr Vernon Coleman

The subtitle of my new book (published today) is `An Essential Vocabulary of Traditional English for Language Lovers’ and it is full of words you’ve probably never come across before.

The book, which I have been working on for years, is gloriously old fashioned and proudly politically incorrect; it is the unapologetic antidote to the dull, woke 21st century version of the English language and, as such, is not recommended for the hysterical, the woke and the over-sensitive. The aim is to help you expand your vocabulary with exotic words which add zest and character to your writing and speaking.

You can buy a copy (in paperback or hardcover) by CLICKING HERE

Buy a couple of dozen and, as long as you give them only to the broadminded and inquisitive, you’ll solve your present problems for the year.

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