Did We Leave the EU on 29th March?

Vernon Coleman

There is a very good chance that we DID leave the EU on 29th March – when we were supposed to leave and when Theresa May promised we would leave.

Robin Tilbrook, a Brexiteer and leader of the English Democrats, has for weeks now been fighting a lone case against the Government – claiming that Theresa May did not have the power to delay Brexit once we had reached the date when we were scheduled to leave.

If Mr Tilbrook is correct then everything changes.

The extension we were given by the EU was meaningless because we left the EU on March 29th and were no longer members.

The basis of Mr Tilbrook’s case is that the Prime Minister served notice on the EU that we would be leaving in two years – but that nowhere in law was she granted the power to withdraw or delay our departure from the EU.

The Government’s lawyers are arguing that the Prime Minister had the right to do whatever she wanted to do.

But that’s not so, says Mr Tilbrook. He argues that the Act of Parliament which defined our leaving could not be overruled or ignored by the Prime Minister.

And it’s difficult to see that he could be wrong.

The High Court and the Supreme Court found in favour of Guyanese born Gina Miller when she demanded that the Government obtain Parliamentary approval for any agreement to leave the EU.

Logically, you might imagine that the courts would now have to find in favour of a brave Brexiteer.

But, sadly, there is a problem.

Most of the British establishment (and that includes the judges) is fervently pro-Remain and desperately opposed to all attempts to take us out of the EU and to destroy Hitler’s legacy of a United States of Europe.

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Many Remainers are ignorant about the history of the EU. Would they support it if they knew how and why it was created? To find the names of the Nazis who created the EU read The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. The book contains the names of the EU’s forty founding fathers. (David Lammy might be horrified to know that the organisation he supports with such enthusiasm was founded by a cabal of white, middle aged men – most of whom were racists.)