Digital Currencies

Dr Vernon Coleman

Digital currencies are now being discussed by central banks (which originally rather disapproved of them).

The central banks have become enthusiastic because digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) will enable them to avoid or replace traditional banking systems. Digital currencies will also enable the central banks to get rid of cash completely. The Great Reset plan is to give everyone a digital currency account with the central banks. Payments will be made into or out of personal bank accounts as the central banks see fit. So, when a universal basic income is paid, it will all be purely digital and the recipient will spend their money using a phone or, more likely, an identifying chip implanted under their skin. No one will need cash at all. And, of course, the central bank will be able to deduct taxes or negative interest rate payments as and when it wants to. The individual account holder will have absolutely no real control over their money. All the power will be with the central banks – ultimately under the aegis of the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland. This system will enable the authorities to take payments for fines directly from an individual’s account and it will give behavioural scientists running social credit schemes the power to introduce incentives, rewards and punishments in whatever form they consider appropriate. So, for example, the authorities will be able to fine those who don’t wear a mask or have a vaccination. And the fine will be taken automatically from their account.

If you want to avoid this scenario – fight to use cash. Insist on using cash whenever you can. And refuse to patronise establishments which won’t take cash.

Adapted from Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 by Vernon Coleman – available at the moment on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021