A Doctor’s Challenge to the BMA

Dr Vernon Coleman

I recently received a copy of a statement made by Mr Philip Banfield, an obstetrician, who is the BMA UK Council Chair and who spoke at the official covid inquiry.

Banfield said: `Speaking in my capacity as BMA chair of council, I was acutely aware of the responsibility I held not only of speaking on behalf of its association and all its members, but for every single doctor working in our health service and the millions of patients they care for.’

I didn’t know whether to cry, scream or punch the wall when I read that. The arrogance! Banfield was not speaking for all doctors. And he certainly was not speaking for patients. The BMA has been the patients’ enemy for years, and never more than it is now. BMA strikes are causing untold damage to endless numbers of patients. Not surprisingly, hospital and GP patients are increasingly dissatisfied with the care they receive. For Banfield to claim that he was speaking for patients is simply extraordinary and shows a level of disconnect that is deeply worrying.

If BMA members had the guts to strike for better health care, for an end to working practices which have led to the longest waiting times in history or for the end of the General Medical Council’s absurd disciplinary process which punishes doctors who dare to ask questions or share truths, then I would not approve of their methods (doctors are never entitled to withdraw their labour by going on strike) but I would approve of their motives.

But BMA members are striking for more money.

Consultants on an average salary of £128,000 (plus pension) are striking for a 35% pay rise. That’s an extra £45,000 a year. They must know they cannot possible receive such a pay rise. If they did they would destroy what is left of the National Health Service and they would help push inflation still higher.

The doctors’ strikes are official BMA strikes. Far from caring for patients the BMA appears be using them as a weapon, boasting recently that one in six people will soon be on waiting lists if doctors don’t receive the 35% pay rise they are demanding.

It is the BMA which has, in my view, helped destroy health care in the UK. It was the decision of GPs not to work nights or weekends which destroyed hospitals and the ambulance service. And today the average GP works around three days a week. Librarians and accountants work longer hours than GPs.

Does the BMA want to destroy health care in Britain? Or does it want to destroy Britain?

I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. It seems to me that the BMA is helping to take us into a world of 15 minute cities, digitalisation, mass vaccination programmes and the Great Reset. It was, I remember, the BMA which said that climate change should be a new priority for doctors. It seems to concern them not at all that climate change is just a myth – and a myth, like covid and vaccination which must never, ever be debated.

Banfield of the BMA went on to discuss covid-19 as though it were a real pandemic. Does he really not know that the evidence proves that covid-19 was no more than the rebranded flu? Does he really not know that doctors and hospitals and bureaucrats and politicians killed more people than covid-19? Does he not know that all scientific debate was crushed by the medical establishment? Does he not know that the covid-19 `vaccine’ does not do what it is supposed to do and is so toxic that it should not have been given to one patient – let alone billions?

If he doesn’t know these things it may be because the medical establishment of which he is a part has crushed all debate and helped silence those telling the truth.

Once again I issue my now well-worn challenge.

I challenge Mr Banfield to debate his so-called pandemic, live on national television. I will prove to him that everything the medical establishment did made things worse. Those BMA members who followed the official party line and who wore masks and gave covid jabs were behaving like ignorant fools. They were the problem – not the solution. They should be ashamed.

But Mr Banfield won’t accept my challenge, of course. Even if he wanted to he wouldn’t be allowed to risk it. The establishment dare not risk allowing the truth to be broadcast on mainstream media.

And they know that I’d chew up Mr Banfield and spit him out in bits because I have the truth on my side. I can prove very quickly that if one of us is speaking on behalf of patients it isn’t him.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023