Doctors want more money to kill people with covid jabs

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

During the last two and a half years I have, on many occasions, found myself shaking my head in disbelief at the widely discredited actions of thousands of members of my former profession Ė a profession which now fills me with nothing but shame and embarrassment.

I am reminded of the fact that for several decades after the end of World War II, it was common for non-Germans to ask (in their minds and hearts if not in words) `How could you let it happen? How could you be so blind?í

But we donít need to ask that question of the doctors who have been jabbing millions of trusting patients with a toxic experimental drug which they should have known did not do what the politicians and the celebrities said it did (in that it didnít stop people getting covid, the rebranded flu, and it didnít stop them spreading it) because we now know exactly why they all closed their eyes, their ears and their hearts.

It was all about money.

And hereís the proof.

Today I read something which seemed to me so ruthless, so utterly unprincipled that it sent shivers of despair and loathing running up and down my spine.

As is now well-known the drug company Moderna has been given clearance for its new, so-called `improvedí covid jab to be given to millions.

And doctors have been asked to prepare themselves to earn vast quantities of money by allowing their practice nurses to jab, jab, jab all day long.

But they donít think they can do it.

Have they seen the light?

Are they awake at last to the truth?

Are they frightened that they might be arrested as war criminals when the covid fraud is exposed?

None of those Iím afraid.

Itís all about money.

They say that they have serious concerns about the autumn roll out because a cut in government funding means they can no longer afford to offer the jabs.

The British Medical Association, the doctorsí trade union, says it has serious concerns and has called for the funding to be increased because the Government has cut the payment per jab from £12.58 per dose to £10.06 per jab.

One doctor says there are just not enough GPs and practice nurses to do the day job.

Another doctor says: `we just canít make the money workí.

So, there it is.

Doctors arenít worried about the new jab because they fear it may not have been tested enough. And they arenít worried because the last jab is linked to a gazillion deaths and serious injuries. They donít worry about the evidence that the epidemic of myocarditis currently killing children and young people might be linked to the jab.

Itís all about the money. Doctors are blinded by greed.

You might expect that if they believed the vaccine was important and useful theyíd be jabbing away as fast as their little hands could go. Or, rather, as fast as their practice nurses could do the jabbing.

After all, we know damned well that doctors have not been taking the time to tell patients that they are taking part in an experiment and they havenít been listing possible side effects. (Both are crimes which will take thousands of doctors into court and jail.)

But, no.

The money isnít enough.

Last year GPs made £50,000 to £100,000 out of allowing their practice nurses to give covid jabs. Thatís on top of their £100,000 plus a year for a 26 hour week. (No, thatís not a misprint. GPs currently work an average of a 26 hour week.)

Oh, and the salaries for the practice nurses are largely paid for by the NHS Ė by taxpayers.

How long does it take to give a jab? A minute? Two minutes perhaps if you say `helloí `this wonít hurt a bit but it might kill youí? At £10.06 a jab, thatís £300 an hour for telling someone else to do something. Thatís £2,400 a day. And £12,000 a week.

And itís not enough for the greedy bastards.

(Though just why doctors should be paid extra to give jabs is a mystery anyway.)

Well, maybe, thereís a golden lining.

Perhaps doctors wonít be killing and maiming quite so many people this autumn.

(Though if they get another £2.52 per jab theyíll probably be able to find the time, after all.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2022

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