Does Boris Johnson now want to be US President?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Surveys show that the majority of Americans want Ukraine to be brought into NATO.

They may or may not know that if Ukraine joins NATO then World War III will really take off.

The Russians cannot allow Ukraine to join NATO and if it happens then a nuclear war will be inevitable.

The Americans probably (rightly) think that London and other European cities will be the first targets.

Surprisingly, perhaps, Boris Johnson (whose UK political career is surely over) is now calling for Ukraine to join NATO.

This is very much against Britainís interests.

So what is Johnson doing?

I think heĎs positioning himself to stand as a Republican in the 2028 American Presidential elections.

Heís young enough to start a new career.

Heís got a book promotion tour starting this year Ė a perfect time to get tons of media coverage.

The Americans quite like English accents and English toffs.

And Johnson will love the money American politicians can earn.

Finally, Johnson was born in America. Even better, as far as America is concerned, he has spoken fondly of his Jewish roots.

You can see it happening canít you.

What are the odds against President Johnson of America in 2028?

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