Donít Buy These on the Internet

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Do not buy prescription medicines online from a company which you do not know. Do not buy prescription medicines on the internet unless the drugs have been prescribed for you by a qualified doctor.

The internet is now awash with companies flogging drugs of all kinds. You can buy antibiotics, painkillers and just about anything else you like.

But there is a real risk that the product you buy will be a fake.

It may have the same name and packaging as a drug you trust.

But the ingredients may be useless or dangerous.

Now that it is nigh on impossible to obtain a doctor out of hours, it is tempting to buy in stocks of drugs such as antibiotics. Drugs on the internet are convenient and cheap.

But my advice is simple: donít buy them through the internet.

They may not be what they seem.

And they could kill you.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018